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    Baying an apartment is not an easy job. There are many things to consider. Where to look for the perfect home, how much you are willing to spend, and how big of an apartment should you get. Finally, you have to be sure that the apartment is in good condition. To help you, we have tips on what to check when buying your first apartment.

    ​What to check when buying your first apartment – the company that is selling it

    When you decide to buy an apartment, you have to look into the company selling it. The company that is selling it has a lot of power over your day to day activities:

    • What to check when buying your first apartment is – how loud can you be. That is a thing that your owner can decide.
    • They can decide how you use the common areas.
    • If you have pets, check if they allow them.
    Worms eye view of building, What to check when buying your first apartment
    Companies can be very rude to their tenants

    Make sure to choose a good seller who will give you a lot of freedom. However, if you got a lot of freedom, that does not mean that you have a pass to be a bad neighbor.

    ​Check out the neighborhood

    Do not just buy a place because you like how the building looks. You need to see if the neighborhood is right for you. Researching the neighborhood is your best option.

    The first thing you should look into is if it is safe. Because safety is the most crucial aspect of any neighborhood, you do not want to be scared to take a walk.

    When you have checked out the safety, look if it has the right amenities nearby. Look if there are grocery stores near you so that you do not have to drive to get your food. See if there are drug stores for medicine. The most important building that you should look into is the hospital. A hospital nearby can be a lifesaver.

    A white hospital waiting room
    A hospital near by is what to check when buying your first apartment

    Finally, see if there are places to have fun. Look for cinemas or theaters if you enjoy art. Having cafes where you can go out for a drink with your new neighbors or friends is a plus. When you have done all that, you can then look into decoration ideas.

    ​Is the building in great shape

    Finally, what to check when buying your first apartment is the structural integrity of the building. Look at the place and check if there are any cracks in the walls. Cracks may mean that the building is in bad shape or has not been taken care of, which is a red flag because this is the job of your seller. Check if the plumbing and electricity are in order. To inspect the quality of your apartment building, the best option is to hire a building inspector and not take any chances. When everything is inspected, you can look into how to organize your new office.

    Good luck!