Decoration ideas for going away party

June 20, 2021

Moving is a double-edged sword for sure. We don’t welcome all changes that go with it, such as parting with friends. Therefore, we should say goodbye to our beloved ones in a proper manner. That’s why going away party exists! If you’re planning to throw one, and it’s the very first one, then you’d want to read about some decoration ideas. It is a special occasion, in the end, and it’s not stupid to throw it for yourself. You’ll only need a few tips on decoration ideas for going away party that awaits you.

Choosing a theme for going away party

Start by picking a theme. You can come up with it or choose a quote if you’d like. There are party theme balloons as an alternative. Farewell parties help you to cope up with moving stress, among other things. Being occupied with organizing the party will ease your mind, so put effort into it.

Using the right decoration ideas for going away party

Decoration should reflect the message you’re trying to send to others. It should back up your theme. For instance, choosing balloons in the shape of a heart or something of the sort. Other pieces can be purely decorative, and they include:

  • centerpieces
  • banners
  • streamers
  • confetti
  • origami

Planning a party and choosing decoration is the most fun step in relocation. Choosing the right place and house and finding cheap and reliable movers afterward is something quite different.

Colorful banners hanging on the walls are decoration ideas for going away party.
Choose three different types of decoration at most and make a beautiful atmosphere for your going away party.

Handkerchiefs, what about them?

Where’s the party, there’s food and drinks. You’ll probably set handkerchiefs, but why leave them plain? If you’re throwing a tight-knit gathering, it would be nice that napkins had a massage on them, something that would warm your friends’ hearts.

Set up a table like a pro for your going away party

A table at which you and your friends will dine should look stunning. Buy the perfect tableware and put some candles or flowers. Matching cutlery with these is essential for you to make a perfect setting.

Only after the party passed should you start with moving preparations. It is advisable to start by cleaning up and decluttering as there will be a mess after the party. Your friend can give you a hand with that. After all, they would want to help after a great party and spend some more time with you.

People clinking glasses on a going away party
Setting up and decorating a table is important as you and your guests will spend the
most time at it.

Moving day is approaching

Now that moving day is around the corner start packing and all other preparations. Browsing Moving Office San Diego can help with organizing and whatever has to do with the moving process.

You might be experiencing nostalgia already, but that’s quite normal. Don’t forget that you didn’t lose your friends. You can still hear from them and chat on social media. Besides, moving to another place means putting roots down and making new friendships. While old friends can give you decoration ideas for going away party, the new ones can help you with a housewarming party!

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