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    Did you know that moving is the third most stressing event in someone’s life? It is so overwhelming that some people can even deal with it. It’s totally understandable – the whole world is changing in the instant. There are so many things to do that your head wants to explode. All that anxiety that you feel can lead to serious conveniences. That’s why is important to cope with relocation stress and these things can help you with that.

    Don’t bottle it in

    Many people have the habit to ignore stress and bottle it inside them. No one can do that forever. Accumulating stress rather than dealing with it is very bad for your health. Your immune system can collapse, and your mental health will suffer too. It’s the slippery road to depression and behavioral disorders. Moving will require a lot of engagement and it will bring many problems.
    In order to cope with relocation stress, you have to acknowledge it.

    Start planning

    As a huge process, relocation requires a lot of planning and organizing. The sooner you start, the more control you will feel. Making a moving checklist is always the best solution. It will help you to stay on track and you will feel good when you start to cross the thing from the list. Also, a good trick is to make a few sections on the moving list. When you list all the moving tasks together, it can seem overwhelming. Separating it in a few sections will make seem like there are fewer things to be done. That will help you to cope with relocation stress more efficiently.

    Declutter  your house

    Packing will trigger anxiety, and a good way to prevent that is to declutter your house. Decluttering your home won’t only decrease your moving costs, it is also therapeutic. When you let go of the things that you don’t need, it can be really liberating. Not to mention that you will be feeling much more comfortable being in the environment without the clutter.

    Cope with relocation stress by asking for help

    There’s no shame in asking somebody for help. In fact, recognizing and admitting that you can’t do something on your own is the sign of strength, not weakness. Also, your friends and family are the people that love you. They will be happy to give you a hand. Whether is to pack your belongings for the move or to help you relax and cope with relocation stress. So don’t hesitate – if you see that relocation overwhelms you, ask your loved ones for help. However, they will probably offer to help you before you even ask them.

    Saying your goodbyes

    It is important for people to have closure. Some think that that it will be easier than they sneak out in the middle of the night, and say goodbye to no one. While you can do that, ask yourself how will you feel if your friend moves without saying good-bye to you? It’s not fair to yourself or to your family and friends. At the end of the day, you are relocating for some better beginnings. Why not celebrate that? Gather your loved ones and with the laughter say your farewell. It will help you to cope with relocation stress and to accept transition.

    Letter cubs spelling the word "goodbye"
    Give people that love you a chance to say their farewells.

    Don’t interrupt your eating habits

    When under stress, a lot of people turn to food as comfort. When we feel anxiety, we reach for food instead of using healthier methods to cope with relocation stress. 
    That couping mechanism can turn into a dangerous path in no time. Relocation may seem like a valid excuse to stuff yourselves with unhealthy street food and snacks, but it isn’t. You can make a healthy and nutritional meal for half an hour, during the break from the relocation tasks. It can even make you perform them more efficiently. The junk food that we all love is bad for our body, and it’s showing us that. After that kind of a meal, we feel sleepy and tired. The food should give us energy, not to take it away.

    Cope with relocation stress by eating healthier.
    Do your best not to interrupt your eating habits during the relocation.

    Treat yourself

    Relocation isn’t an excuse to neglect our needs and desires. In fact, especially this stressful time requires to take care of yourself. If the relocation stress take a toll on your body and you end up at the doctor’s office, it is the worst possible scenario. Not only that you will endanger your health you won’t be able to do the relocation tasks. So treat yourself well and often. Book a spa day, take a walk, go for a swim. Have lunch with your friends or go to a concert. In a word – spoil yourself and do things that make you feel good.
    If you’re moving with kids, pamper them. While this is a big change for you, it is even bigger for them. They will need a lot of time and patience from you since they require special treatment during the move.

    Girl and her father playing in the park.
    Enjoying the park or favorite ice cream shop with your kids will help you deal with relocation anxiety.

    Hire a moving company

    Your health is your most valuable possession, and you need to take care of it while moving. With so much relocation stress, that can be difficult. The best recommendation for the easy move or to hire a professional moving company. When you put the hardest part of the move into their capable hands, you will feel like a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Beside basic moving services, you can also benefit from their additional packaging solutions and programs.

    Of course, the key to a successful relocation is to hire movers that are:

    • Reliable
    • Licensed and insured
    • Reputable
    • Professionals with years of experience
    • Eager to answer all of your questions