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    Moving can be great whether you are relocating for a job, school, changing scenery, or just because you need a fresh start. If you are thinking about leaving California, know that many people do that too. It’s a great state, many amazing things are here but it is very expensive. Also, it’s a bit overcrowded and again amazingly expensive for basics like buying a house or schools for the kids. Leaving California for Tennessee may be a good solution for you. Thus, we have a few tips and some information for you on the subject.

    Leaving California for Tennessee

    Tennessee is a very beautiful state. Many people relocate from California to Tennessee. Even rich people do that. This is simply becoming a trend. This state is safer. And, the best of all, you will finally have where to park your car! Infrastructure is just as good as it is in California. Crime rates are much lower and that’s a piece of good news especially if you have kids. Also, you will be able to buy a nice property whether you are looking for a house or an apartment. But now it leaves you with a question – where to look for the perfect home? So let’s explore some nice cities together.


    Leaving California and moving to Tennessee means changing mindset too. People are different here. Knoxville is a friendly city, most famous for its amazing southern food. They are very proud of that. Nature lovers will be delighted to hear that this city is a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains.

    A stadium in Knoxville, one of the cities you should consider when leaving California for Tennessee
    They are big on sports here.


    This is one of the safest cities in TN. Most probably the best small town to live in in this state. Even though this is a small town, it’s growing quickly. Schools there are the best in the area. In the chance you want to live there you will have amazing parks for the kids and a beautiful historic town square. Also, some great locally owned businesses, and of course a flourishing housing market. Prices are very reasonable so you will be able to afford a nice place to raise a family here.

    Skilled teams can assist you with relocation. You can find very nice and friendly local movers in Arlington. They will be able to help you with settling in.


    If you are not that into small towns and suburbs, Nashville is the capital city. It is known for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Some people call this city the capital of country music. Costs of life are pretty reasonable, for example – housing expenses are 9% lower than the national average. Also, utility prices are 10% lower than the national average, so as you can see this is an affordable place. Their economy is booming, some will say that the economy here is almost recession-proof. The weather is great and younger generations are very attracted to this city. It’s definitely worth checking out more.

    Nashvile at night.
    Another beautiful city in Tennessee


    Brighton is an amazingly beautiful town and a wonderful community of people lives there. Crime rates are extremely low, almost no crime can be found here so it’s a very safe place for you and your family.

    People are often looking to settle here. If you think you might be one of them, explore the city more and call Brighton local movers to help you to settle in with no hassle. They know this area so they will be able to help you the best.


    A beautiful city located on the Mississipi river. Memphis is a great place to live. The costs of living are pretty reasonable to very low depending on the neighborhood. Homes that would cost millions in California can be found at half the price (or even less) in Memphis. The city is one day’s drive or even less from New Orleans (if you want to see Mardi Gras), Nashville, Knoxville, and the Smokey Mountains for the nature lovers.

    Memphis sign
    Cher and Elvis both sang songs about this city.

    Leaving California and adapting to Tennessee

    Leaving California can be hard. You might be used to being in the center of technology and it’s a certain way of life. But know that Tennesse will be able to fulfill all your needs at half price. This is a joke but of course, every joke carries some truth to it. Actually, chances are you will adapt in no time. That’s because it’s easy to adapt if you have a better lifestyle and you will have that here.

    You will have just as good schools for the kids, but you will be able to afford a great nice house with a big yard for the price of a small apartment back in California. Of course, you will be needing movers to help you with relocation. This is something you don’t want to do on your own. It’s way too stressful. will gladly help you out with your relocation and with settling in too.

    How to choose the best city for you?

    This is a hard question with no right answer. We have shown you five cities that might be best. But they are very different. It’s all up to what you want and need. If you are looking for a big-city hassle, then maybe Nashville will work the best for you. Arlington might be the best for people with kids. As you can see it’s all about your needs. So make sure to include the people close to you like your family in this decision, they will be able to help you out the best.

    Good luck

    No matter what you choose you will have a great new adventure ahead of you. As soon as you move in go and get to know the neighborhood and your next-door neighbors. This might not be something you are used to, but people are very friendly in Tennessee. This will be a very different experience for you, but going to a barbeque in a neighbors yard is a pretty normal thing to do here.