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    In the relocation mess, people hardly have time to think about cleaning the new place you are moving to. But when you want a fresh start, you’ll definitely need a clean house. And if you have a dilemma about whether you should deep clean your new home before or after you move in, we have pieces of advice for you.

    A systematic plan

    A deep clean of your new home consider a thorough and systematic cleaning treatment of every single corner of the place. You can never know what the previous owners have left after them, so it’d be better to check it by yourself. Thus, the best thing you can do is to get most of the things done before the moving-in day. However, since that is a great deal of work, you should maybe think about finding some professional help. So, the next time you search the internet for various moving services, don’t forget to check upon an experienced cleaning crew, as well.

    1. Deal with your floors on time

    There are some parts of the house you can easily postpone cleaning for the time after the move. On the other hand, deep floor wiping, and washing your carpets are something you need to do as soon as possible. Make sure you finish that while your new home is still empty. Once you move in your furniture, it will probably be out of the question.

    A person is cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner.
    Do the cleaning alone, or hire professionals.

    2. Should you deep clean your new kitchen before or after you move in?

    Do some hot water and soap cleaning of your kitchen prior to the relocation day. Move all the appliances, disinfect the cabinets and check the sinks. And, most importantly, deep clean the inside of your fridge and your oven. This is something you cannot put off doing, since you’ll need a place for your food right after the move. However, when it comes to your dishes, they don’t seem to be so urgent. You can just wash piece by piece along the way until you finally find some time to deal with them thoroughly. What’s more, if you do some decluttering while packing, and get rid of all the things you do not need anymore, you’ll do yourself a really big favor.

    3. The bathroom cleaning

    Another room that requires great attention before you settle down is your bathroom. Give a good clean to your tubs, sinks, toilets, and grouts on the walls and floors. Don’t forget to check places behind toilets and cabinets for some mold, as well. Remember that once you relocate, it would be too complicated to do the repairs, since you’ll need your bathroom on a daily basis.

    A person, wearing pink gloves, is cleaning the bathroom elements. Most people wonder about whether they should deep clean this part of their homes before or after they move in.
    Get everything ready on time.

    After all, when you think one more time about whether to deep clean your new home before or after you move in, it’s clear that most of the work should be done in advance. But don’t lose your temper. You can always leave your garage and attic decluttering for some other time.