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    Things you should throw away before you move
    Get rid of clutter in your apartment

    Even after a couple of months of living in the same space, you start to make small piles of things you do not necessarily need. What if those piles slowly start to get bigger while you weren’t paying attention and now you are stuck with a whole bunch of things that have filled out all the space in your apartment? Perhaps, you might even be able to live with that but now it’s moving time and all those things are going to do is drain your time and money. So, before you even begin moving tackle this big issue first and go on from there. It is very important for you to get rid of things when moving. It is a huge drag, and it will not be fun at all, but in the end, you are going to be glad you did it.

    First, you need to come up with some criteria how you are going to decide whether or not you are keeping something or getting rid of it. It is different for any particular time but there are some generic questions you can find helpful while you are getting rid of clutter in your apartment:

    • Have I used it in the last 5 years?
    • Does it still work or can it be easily fixed?
    • Is it valuable?
    • Is it important to me?
    • Will I ever need it again?

    It will take a lot of time to go through everything you have stored in your apartment, but when you finish you will most likely be left with a lot of things. Now, let’s see what can you do with all of that. Of course, there are various options, you just have to pick the one that suits you best, based on your preferences and based on the clutter you have collected through the years.

    1. Sell unnecessary stuff before moving

    Remove the clutter before you move
    Before your move, get rid of unnecessary things on a garage sale

    The most important thing you can do with the stuff you are no longer using is to sell them. That way you are not just getting rid of unnecessary clutter, but you also improving your moving budget. You have a couple of options. Garage sales used to be a big hit, and are still definitely worth a try. You get the money immediately and your customers can actually see how everything looks like and is it working properly. Here you can find out more about them. Another thing is selling it online. That takes a little bit more time and effort but you reach is much bigger which will enable you to sell more things. Anyway, it is a win-win situation you should not neglect because it will really help you to get rid of the clutter in your apartment before you move. 

    1. Donate things to charity

    Although selling your things is definitely beneficial, perhaps some portion of the things that you are still using can be donated to charity. There is never a perfect time to show humanity, because we should do it every day, and this particular situation is perfect. What better way to get rid of, for example, childhood toys that to donate them to a facility dedicated to protecting the children. There are many institutions that accept donations of used clothes and toys, check out which one of them suits you best and head on there to make someone happy and yourself proud.

    1. Remove the clutter by creating perfect gifts for your friends and family

    Before you move, declutter your home
    Make presents for your loved ones and get rid of unnecessary items

    When moving, while you are in the process of packing, you will most likely encounter a whole bunch of memories, old journals, books, and pictures. Perhaps, some of those things triggered some happy memories, things from your past that you want to preserve. In order to do that and not create even more mess inside your brand new home, you can use all of those memorabilia and create present for your loved ones. You can just give them books or frames but it’s even better to combine a couple of things, make scrapbooks or gift baskets. This is another win-win situation, just this one doesn’t bring you any money but it most definitely is a lot of fun.

    1. Benefit the environment by recycling when decluttering your home

    You did something nice for your wallet, you donated toys, you gave gifts to your loved ones. There is only one other entity that should benefit from the fact that you are getting rid of unnecessary stuff – mother Earth. While you are going through your rooms, one huge closet at a time, you will most certainly encounter thigs you can recycle. Contact the nearest station and make sure that you have disposed of everything in a healthy way. Do this again after you move in into your new home, because then you will have a lot of packing material you will not be needing any more. This way, other than clearing out your home, you will also have the personal satisfaction of doing something that benefits the environment.

    1. Declutter your home when moving by throwing things away

    After you have exhausted any other possibility, if the items you have set aside as not needed cannot be sold or given to someone else, then perhaps it is time to call it a day and just throw them away. Do not do this with any of the items that can be recycled or in any way used again. It will not be an easy decision, none of the above are, but we are sure you realize the importance of decluttering your home when moving and all the benefits that come with it.

    Moving is not a day long process, that causes no stress and discomfort. Quite the opposite, moving can be very exhausting, time-consuming, money draining, nerve wrecking activity. But, sometimes a little effort can go a long way. When you declutter your home when you are moving, you will not only be able to relieve yourself from future problems but you will also help those in need, the environment and your friends and family. So, make sure not to skip this step during your move and well, you can thank us later. And after all of that check out this helpful article on how to processes with your move!