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    You and your employees are spending a lot of time in the office. Most probably around eight hours a day. So you need to know how to organize your office the best way in order to boost productivity. But it is also nice to feel good in your workspace. That too is a way to boost morale and in a way – productivity too. This is like a second home after all when you count all the hours spent.

    How to organize your office layout

    Open space is getting more and more popular even in small offices. Due to the global pandemic, desks are now spread out. Cubicles are a bit outdated and people like more open space but they still need some privacy. That can be achieved when desks are facing away from one another. That way coworkers can communicate when they need to in order to help one another and yet they have some privacy.

    What office layout will work best in your case can vary. Depending on the job itself you might need desks to be closer together, if the employees are working on something very confidential that cubicles are ok you just need to find a way to make them airier and spacey.


    Decluttering your office

    This is the most important thing. There is no way to be productive if you are surrounded by unnecessary items that are just dust collectors. Decluttering should be done at least once a year in your office. If you have bigger offices and more people then maybe even more often. All the things that are not useful anymore should be thrown away. Of course, you should be thinking about recycling too.

    Decorating your office

    When you are thinking about how to organize your office in order to boost productivity, you should also think about decorating. Making people feel nice is always good for productivity. It is still a workplace so there is no need to overdo it. You should keep it simple and not distracting. There are interior designers that are specialized just in office design, so if you don’t feel like doing that by your self make sure to hire a professional to do it the best possible way.

    Office decoration
    Minimalistic approach is often the best.

    Something nice for the employees

    When you are organizing an office you must consider your employee’s needs. Think about simple things that will mean a lot to them. Do you have a restroom for them? A place where they can relax when they are overworked? Make sure that this room is full of cool gadgets that will take their mind from work for half an hour. Also, if you have people that need to sit a lot like programmers make sure to add something so they can stretch a bit. Yoga balls are a nice way. Also, add some standing tables so they can work standing up if they feel like it.