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    So, you’ve been planning an interstate family move to California? First things first, you should know that’s not an easy task. If you’ve already gone through a similar situation, you know the drill. If not, you’ll need some helpful pieces of advice. That’s where we come into the picture. There are some ways you can make the trip without losing your nerves in the process. Being well-organized is the key to success here. In the article below find out everything you need to know before moving with your family from New Jersey to California.

    Get everything down on paper

    The best thing to do before you do everything else is to write down a relocation timeline. In there you’ll need to calculate how much time do you need for every segment of the moving process, including, of course, the preparations. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be that precise, it’s just a way to keep things in focus. Planning ahead is what successful people do, and do should you. Buy a new notebook to mark the occasion. You can also make an inventory of all the things you’re planning to move to California. It’s a long trip so you should think carefully about that segment. More on that in one of the paragraphs below.

    A pen on an open notebook. Before moving with your family from New Jersey to California it's of most importance you create a moving timeline.
    Being organized is the key to success when it comes to interstate moving with your family. Write down a moving timeline. You’ll thank us later.

    Find a moving provider you can trust

    The East Coast-West Coast transition ain’t no piece of cake. If you think it’s cheaper and more practical to organize the transport yourself, you’re probably wrong. Although it seems cheaper to avoid hiring professional movers, you can lose more money trying it on your own. How’s that possible? Well, when you’re going DIY, no one can guarantee your stuff will safely reach California. It’s a long trip and there’s a good chance some of your stuff will get damaged while going the DIY way. There are specialized
    crews that can do this for you
    . New Jersey’s home to quality movers, so you shouldn’t worry about finding the one you can trust.

    Involve the whole family in the process

    Once the moving preparations start, you’ll want to make sure all family members are contributing in accordance with their possibilities. Of course, this is not about using free labor, it’s about the feeling of togetherness. Your kids will go through the relocation process a little easier if you involve them in the preparations.

    It’s packing time

    While on the search for the right moving provider you’ll surely notice they regularly have two options when it comes to packing. There’s full service, meaning you let the pros do the packing/unpacking part for you. And there’s self-service, which means you do that part yourself, while movers load, transport, and unload your cargo. Most NJ folks choose the first option because professionals are at your disposal wherever you find yourself inside the state. If you find the other option more attractive, you’ll need to obtain some packing materials. Some of it (cardboard boxes) you can find for free by asking around your local shopkeepers. Others, like bubble wrap, you can find cheap on the internet. As we’ve mentioned earlier, involve the whole family in the packing process.

    A pile of random boxes.
    If you choose the self-service type of moving arrangement, you’ll need to obtain some packing material. Find free cardboard boxes at your local market.

    Interstate relocation – a nice occasion to downsize?

    As we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll need to choose the stuff you’re bringing along to California. Choose them wisely, as some would say. Bring along only the stuff towards which you’ve developed some feelings over time. Organize a good old-fashioned garage sale and get rid of all the stuff you don’t really need. You’ll earn some money, too. A minimalist attitude is very popular these days. That should come as no surprise because people are revolting against the consumerist mentality more than ever.

    Throw a farewell party for friends and relatives

    Of course, moving with your family from New Jersey to California is not a small thing. Who knows when you’re going to see your old NJ friends after you move to Cali? Organize a farewell party for your friends and relatives. Your kids will enjoy it, too. Make them invite all their little friends and say farewell to NJ as a family in the nicest way available. Everyone loves a party, even when the occasion is a bit heartbreaking.

    A group of friends sharing a glass of wine.
    There’s not a better way to say goodbye to the old neighborhood than to throw a farewell party for your friends and relatives you’re leaving behind in NJ. You’ll enjoy it as much as they will. Your kids will particularly love the idea.

    The moving day

    Make sure you are ready before movers arrive. Have on yourself all the needed documentation and everything. It’s important you also pack beverages and food. It’s a tough road ahead, and you’ll need some energy boosters. The movers themselves will appreciate that. If you’re still making up your mind about hiring a moving crew, we’ll feel free to give you a recommendation. Visit the gang at, and get a free moving quote. They’ll take care of everything you point out.

    A few words before the end

    So, there you have it. These were some tips you’ll need when moving with your family from New Jersey to California. Hopefully, with these pieces of advice, you’ll be all set for a cross-country trip like this one. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. Firstly, you’ll need to get everything down on paper. Create a moving timeline and make an inventory of all the stuff you’re planning to move. Find reliable professional movers you can trust. You’re doing an interstate move and it’s for the best your stuff is secure with them. Also, choose whether you’ll pack yourself or let experts take care of that. Before you leave, throw a party and relocate in style.

    Thank you for reading. Best of luck with your cross-country relocation.