How to make your interstate move fun?

When you have a long-distance move coming up, there is so much negative thinking that comes to mind. Of course, stress is unavoidable. So, once you add anxiety and needed time to the mix, it is enough to make you go insane. However, not all tasks related to an interstate move are dreadful. Some can actually be a lot of fun. Certainly, a few things will be rough during your preparations, but some don’t have to be. Here is how you can make your interstate move fun for yourself and your family.

Make your interstate move fun by staying positive  

Obligations like finding reliable movers for your move don’t have a lot of space for fun. Yet there are other opportunities that you can use to make your interstate move fun.

Make a fun and upbeat playlist

Everything is easier and more fun with music. Grab your iPod and download your favorite jams. Listen to them while packing, cleaning, or driving to your new home. If you are moving with your family make sure that every family member has a song to look forward to from your playlist. Not only will your move be more entertaining, but you can create wonderful memories.

A girl showing you hove to make your interstate move fun by dancing and having a good time.

Pack and do other relocation stuff while listening to music. Busting a dance move here and there is an absolute must.

Include your friends into the moving process

When preparing for a move you will be all over the place. You will have the need to spend time with people you love while being aware that you have other things you need to do. That is perfect! Yes, you read it correctly. You can incorporate these two things into one fun activity. Invite your friends over for a packing party. While you pack you can enjoy yummy snacks and wine or coffee. Whatever you and your friends prefer. Turn a boring packing chore into a fun hangout session with your favorite buds.

Road trips are always fun

If you are moving from Ohio to California, a road trip might not be the best choice since you will need to drive for more then 35 hours. However, if your drive can be shorter, turn your relocation into an adventure. During a road trip you can map out all the places you would like to visit along the way. Also, having a fun sleepover in the middle of the road can be great for the kids, while parents get a breather from driving and traveling. Of course, don’t forget your playlist for the road.

A diner glowing in the dark with people walking towards the front door.

Don’t forget that diners and doughnuts are the best part of a good road trip.

Going away party

There is nothing that can make your interstate move fun like a party. You will have a great time while saying goodbye to all the people that are near and dear to your heart. During your relocation planning, you will be very occupied, which leaves a little time for a social life. This way you can make up for the missed time. Not to mention, you will make great memories that you will take with you. They will keep you going until you start making new memories in your future home.

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