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    On what should you pay attention when moving from Ohio To California and how to have a successful move? Is it possible to have a stress-free relocation and to be prepared for life after moving? Yes, it is – if you do research and organize your relocation like a pro. We know what should you know before moving to California and on what to pay more attention to?

    What to know when moving from Ohio to California?

    To move like a pro, it is not enough just to pack and transport all your items. It requires more job and time. You need to explore a place where you will move to and open your eyes. Here are some things to know before you decide to move to California from Ohio and with that information you will adjust faster after moving.

    The USA map for moving from Ohio to California.
    Moving cross country, moving from Ohio to California, is not easy, and that is why you must be fully prepared and organized

    The job market

    Not everyone moves to California to become an actor or a singer, but yes it the main industry – after all it the center of the world for movies, TV shows, music, and entertainment. Keep in mind that the competition is strong and it is not easy to succeed. The unemployment rate in this state is 4.3% and the minimum wage is $11 per hour.


    Looking for a house in California from Ohio is not easy, but you should get familiar with the real estate market there. Long-distance house-hunting in California needs time and someone who already know the local market, such as a real estate agent. The median home value is $540,000 but the price is rising, and also rent is not cheap. You should be prepared for housing costs in CA.

    Higher costs of living

    Not only housing is expensive in California, but also other costs of living are too. Utilities, food, transportation, education, etc. It is one of the biggest concerns when moving to California from a state such as Ohio (affordable). You need to be financially prepared before making this big step and move cross country.

    Choose a place in CA to move to

    To prepare for a long-distance move, you should visit (if you are able) a place where you will live, in this case, a place in California. Where to move and what city in CA is the best for you – how to decide?

    It is crucial to choose the perfect place where you will live and it depends on many different factors. Such as your lifestyle, office, do you have kids or planning kids in the near future, your budget, etc.

    Some of the best places to consider as your new home in California are:

    • Fremont
    • Los Angeles
    • Berkeley
    • Mill Valley
    • Palo Alto
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
    • Santa Rosa
    The Golden Gate Bridge.
    There are plenty of beautiful cities in California, LA and San Francisco are not the only one

    Hire a reliable moving company – avoid hiring scammers

    First of all, the long move doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right moving assistance on your side. But, you should be aware of when hiring a mover for moving to another state. It is crucial for long-distance relocations. Local moves can be done by yourself, but it is not the case when moving more than 1000 miles.

    Looking and hiring a moving company is a serious task because all your household items will be in their hands. Only the USA has thousands and thousands of moving companies, but unfortunately, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. There are fraudsters, so you need to check twice when hiring a mover.

    Check a company’s license for moving from state to state, insurance, read online moving reviews from past clients, check their experience and get an in-home moving estimate (every reliable moving company offers moving estimate).

    One of the companies that are able to transport all your items from Ohio to California is Zippy Shell Columbus, Ohio. Always contact a few companies before hiring one. This way, you will choose the best one for your relocation. Moving with professionals is easier and safer, and you will have more time to finish other moving-related tasks.

    A moving truck.
    For long-distance relocation, hiring a professional and reliable moving company is a key

    Pros of moving to CA

    What are the reasons and why people move to California and what are the benefits of living here? These are some of the pros of moving to California from Ohio.

    • Beautiful scenery – beaches, mountains, palm trees, lakes, rivers, parks, desert, California has it all, just name it. Nature is stunning.
    • A lot of things to do – for kids, teens, millennials, and seniors, CA is not boring.
    • The weather is beautiful especially if you love sunny and hot days. After moving from Ohio to California, say goodbye to snowy winters, but if you miss the snow, you will find it on mountains in CA.

    Cons of moving to CA

    Nothing is perfect, and living in California has some disadvantages too. After moving from Ohio, you will see by yourself, but some of the minuses are:

    • Costs of living in California are so much higher than the costs of living in Ohio, especially in cities such as LA, San Diego, and San Francisco.
    • Traffic jams – sometimes you will need more than 40 minutes to your office.
    • Earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, mudslides are part of living in CA, mother nature gets angry sometimes.


    Yes, there are many things to consider when moving from Ohio to California and to take care of, but with this guide, your relocation will be a little bit easier and more relaxed. Ask for help when you need it, your friends, or professional movers because moving cross country is not the job for only one person.