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    The moment you mention moving so many different emotions emerge – stress, anxiety, fear… Moving has proven to be one of the most difficult things out there and if you are by any chance preparing for a long distance move, you might encounter even more nerve wrecking experiences. There are many things that can go wrong during an experience that includes a lot of miles, money, and materials. Although this type of endeavor can be completely exhausting there are many things you can do to prevent any mishaps from happening. By preparing for a long distance move you are enabling unexpected events to take the best of you and create any further damage. But it is easy to say that you will prepare, the real questions is what exactly should you prepare yourself for? Take a look at these useful tips and brace yourself for a lifetime experience. We hope you won’t have to do it one too many times.

    1. Prepare yourself for a long distance move by creating a schedule and a budget

    Before you even begin anything, you need to know your limits. In this case, you are limited by time and money, because these two factors will determine how your move will go. Most problems during relocations are created because people either don’t have enough time or not enough money. But this can all be avoided by careful planning. Pull out your calendar and your checkbook, a few sticky notes and invest more time in this part of the process so you can spend much less on other parts. Have in mind that long distance moves require much more resources than regular ones and that nothing will happen overnight. Have in mind all the factors such as public holidays and weather, so nothing can surprise you when the big day comes.

    1. Research professionals that can make your move easier

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    How to prepare for a long distance move?

    There are many parts of the relocation process that don’t have to be done by you, starting with the organization of the move, packing and the move itself. It is important, firstly, to determine, whether it would be useful for you to hire professionals. When it comes to long distance moves there are things you simply cannot do yourself. In many situations hiring professionals will save you a lot of trouble so that is definitely something you should reconsider.  But choosing who you should hire is a special kind of trouble. Don’t make any decisions without thinking through all the data you have collected. The best way to prepare for a long distance move is to do your research and carefully pick who you choose to do business with. Moving scams happen more often we know and it is important for any perspective mover to be vigilant and to pay attention to small hints that can reveal if a company is fraudulent. You can read more about it here.

    1. Declutter your home for a better long distance move

    When it comes to exhausting experiences like this one, you need to do anything in your power to make them easier. One of the best things you can do (unfortunately, not the most interesting one) is to thoroughly declutter your home before your move. The less things you are relocating the less you will have to pack and unpack and pay for. When you dedicate yourself to cleaning your entire house of the things you no longer use you will see that there are many things you can donate or even sell. Check out this article for more help.

    1. Check out your new home in detail before the actual move

    Before you embark the wild adventure of a long distance move dedicate some time to your new home. This can be helpful in many ways. First, take a closer look of the surroundings. Can you easily approach? Will the moving trucks have enough space to park? Is there an elevator in the building? All of this will significantly help and you will assist your moving company greatly if you provide them with this info that can make their job easier. In addition to this, it would be a time well spent if you measure the rooms in your new apartment and know exactly which furniture goes where and if there is something that won’t fit. Having someone deliver a piece of old cabinet across the country only for it not to be able to fit inside the hallway is really a huge waste of resources. In addition, check out if there is anything you will need in your new place that you maybe don’t have in your old one, so you can go ahead and check all the prices and find the best solutions.

    1. Pack smarter for a better long distance relocation

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    How can I make my move easier?

    There is no part of the moving process that you can do without thinking and planning. Packing will take you a lot of time and effort regardless of how you do it, so why don’t you do it the right way? Your belongings have to travel many miles and you don’t want them to end up damaged, especially if the fault is entirely yours. Separate things that are fragile, use a lot of bubble wrap as well as wrapping paper, pack differently things that are breakable and things that might leak out of the package and don’t pack anything that can go bad after a long period in the back of the truck.

    Long distance move can be difficult, so don’t lose your temper and have your eyes on the prize. Plan carefully, follow the deadlines and don’t forget to recycle everything in the end of your move. Take care of yourself and take care of planet Earth and in the end, you can enjoy your new home completely satisfied. Although it will be hard and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be completely exhausting and overwhelming. Any problem can be solved and the more you prepare, the better your outcome will be.