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    Moving long distances isn’t an easy task as you probably already know. This is why you need to know more about the whole process of moving before you start moving. And it is also why hiring movers is the best thing to do. Movers are professionals when it comes to relocating. Whether it is your home or your office, professional movers can help you. But you can’t just hire any movers. You need to hire reliable movers. But doing that isn’t as easy as you think it is. And since moving from Seattle to San Diego became a very popular moving route, we decided to write this guide that is going to help those of you who will be moving. Here’s where you can read everything about just how to find reliable movers when moving along the west coast to another state.

    Know more about how moving companies work

    In order to be sure that you found reliable movers for your long-distance move, you need to know more about how moving companies work. This means you need to know the average price, estimates, the usual terms that come with hiring movers, how the paperwork is handled, etc. There are so many things that go into hiring movers that if you haven’t relocated before you might not even be aware of it. But that is what we are here to help you with!

    Know as much as you can about moving companies before hiring one.

    Estimates and quotes confuse people

    Moving companies have plenty of different moving services and giving estimates is one. Estimates are there to help you create a realistic moving budget. Almost every moving company offers free estimates both in-person and online. But a moving estimate isn’t the same as a moving quote. A quote is a price that your movers decide for themselves. It is up to you whether you will take it or leave it. There are also different kinds of moving estimates – binding and non-binding. This is also something you need to be aware of before hiring movers. A binding estimate is a price you have to pay and it won’t be changed but a non-binding estimate is just an estimate and usually doesn’t end up being the price of the move. This is just a guess from a moving company so they help you see whether you will have enough money or not.

    A bill of landing is also a very important document that goes into moving with a professional moving company such as This is issued usually by the truck driver and it is a complete list of all your belongings. Here is where it states what the item is, the material which it’s made from, how much it costs, and in what condition the item was when it was being first handled by your movers. This is also something you need to take some time to do while you are packing. This will help you see whether something is missing or is damaged during relocation. When hiring reliable movers, you most likely won’t be having any issues but bear in mind that these things can happen.

    A calculator.
    Make sure you are aware whether your estimate is binding or non-binding.

    How to find affordable reliable movers

    Moving isn’t cheap but it isn’t very expensive either. Sure, you have to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars, even thousands sometimes but hiring movers isn’t an expense. It is an investment. Movers make moving much easier and safer as well as less stressful. Paying this money to have someone deal with the largest part of a long-distance relocation is the right thing to do. We can confidently say that it is the only right way to go when moving from Seattle to San Diego.

    But even though this is an investment, we all want to save some money and find the most affordable possible option. And this shouldn’t be a difficult task when moving from Seattle to San Diego. Both cities have some amazing moving services to offer and finding one that suits your budget will be easy. That is if you know how to search for movers.

    How to search for reliable movers?

    Now your only concern is how you should be searching for movers. And the best way is to search online. Online is where you will be able to read everything you need to know about a moving company. That is if it is a reliable one. And this makes searching easier. Online searching means that you are able to see the companies website, social media, and their online reviews. And these are all things you need to pay attention to when searching for reliable movers. As you have all these resources, you need to know smart way to utilize them. This goes for reading online moving reviews.

    Woman using computer.
    Search for a moving company online.

    Moving reviews can be either very helpful or completely opposite. You need to know how to spot fake online moving reviews as there are plenty of them. These reviews are usually very short saying things like “This is an amazing moving company, I recommend it to everyone” and “I am really satisfied“. Although these are truly things that you would say when satisfied and happy with something you paid for, have in mind that these reviews can be fake. Especially if you are reading these reviews on the company’s website.

    This is why it best to check a company’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter if they have one. We are living in a modern-day and age and not having social media can be another bad sign to keep an eye on.

    Talk to somebody in charge

    Before you decide to hire a moving company, make sure you talk with somebody who’s in charge if having doubts. Calling the phone number provided on the website as well as Google-searching is a good thing to do. Once you make sure that everything is fine and that you have found a reliable moving company, all you need to do is learn how to make interstate moving fun.