Californian family’s guide on moving to Fort Worth, TX

Moving to Fort Worth, or anywhere else in Texas is becoming very popular. People from California do this very often. Even though California is a great state it’s becoming overcrowded. You simply have no space anymore and don’t even start talking about parking space. There is none. Because of that lack of space costs of real estate are huge. So are the costs of living. So people especially ones with growing families pack their bags and simply relocate to Texas. Infrastructure is just as good, costs of living and real estate are cheap, and what can top that?

Fort Worth, TX

Moving to Fort Worth must be really exciting for you. Relocating here has many upsides and this just might be the best place for growing families. This is a fast-growing city. Let’s explore this great place together a bit more and find out all the basic information so you can be informed upon your arrival. The most important information for you – this city is safe. Crime rates are low, and people with kids are very cautious about this. Housing expenses are 5% lower than the national average. So you will be able to buy a nice place for you and your family. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are a bit pricy but on the other hand, grocery prices are 7% lower than the national average.

A building zou could live in after moving to Fort Worth
Moving to Fort Worth is a great option for families.

Preparing the kids for moving to Fort Worth

If you have a baby – you are good to go. They don’t know much, so it’s all the same for them where you are as long as they are close to you. Toddlers are similar, you just need to stick to their daily routine so they don’t get overwhelmed but they don’t really care about location. Older kids and teenagers can be a bit skeptical when you mention relocation for the first time but with some explaining and lots of conversation, they will be happy to go too. As long as you include them and show them all they need to know as their new school, parks nearby, and such. Kids are actually pretty easily adaptable even though they don’t seem like it in the beginning.

Three kids smiling
Don’t worry, the kids will love this city.

What needs to be done

Before you relocate, there are some things that you need to do in order to be fully prepared:

  • get your own medical history to bring with you
  • do the same for the kids
  • inform everyone important about your change of address
  • if you are bringing pets with you make sure they have all necessary documentation and vaccinations
  • find a school for the kids in Fort Worth
  • if you have any subscriptions coming to your old address cancel them or change the address

Those are some of the basics. You will probably have much more to do. Like decluttering before you relocate. You don’t want to bring items you don’t even use or need right? Then comes the packing. This is a boring process, but include your whole family and it just might be fun. If you don’t have the time for that, don’t worry. Professional movers like Evolution Moving Company DFW can provide you with packing service. That way you can focus more on your family and less on chores. That is called a win-win situation.

Moving day with children

If you hire movers, moving day will be easier for you. There will be no heavy lifting and that’s great. All you need to do is prepare yourself and the kids. Bring the essentials like :

  • food and snacks for you and the kids
  • water
  • some toys for the road
  • wet wipes and gel sanitizer
  • necessary documentation
  • spare clothes for both you and the kids
  • some music for the road

Having all of the above will make moving to Forth Worth easier on you and you will have the best time moving together. Maybe even take a picture, after all this is a beginning of a new adventure.

Snacks are super fun for the road trips.

Settling in

The kids can help you in making your new house in Fort Worth home. Include them in process of unpacking. Make sure they are included in almost everything you do, even in decorating or painting walls. That way you will create together new memories and it will become a home sooner. As soon as you are done basic work on the house you can start with exploring all the nice things Fort Worth can offer families. Maybe exploring the zoo and botanical gardens can be your first activity. This is fun for everybody.

Benefits of moving to Fort Worth

Since this is a fast-growing city, you will be able to find some good job opportunities. The job market is really good there so take advantage of that. Another great thing is you can actually have a car here. They don’t get too many traffic jams and as stated above you will have where to park your car. Also, the weather here is really nice. Texas is known for the hot summers so be prepared. But you can say goodbye to those annoying rainy days and cold winters. Winters here are very mild and it’s not even that cold. The atmosphere here is laid back and people are friendly so you won’t have a hard time fitting in.

Fitting in

Getting to know your neighbors will be a good start. Also, they like to greet each other with “Howdy” so get used to that. Don’t worry, people actually fit in nicely because of the residents here. They are very welcoming. The same goes for the kids. So just relax and explore all the great things this city can offer you and your family. Soon enough you will be a true Texan and moving to Fort Worth will be the best decision you ever made.

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