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    Moving is a hard process to handle. It is complex and its complexity depends on many factors especially the moving distance. However, people tend to think about packing first when they think about moving. And it seems that that is the most difficult and time-consuming job during the move. Luckily moving services today have changed. The technological advancement also influenced some changes in the moving process. So, today we can talk about the new apps that can help you pack. They can save you time and trouble and make the process faster. So, let’s explore a bit just how modern technology can help us through the packing and moving process.

    How to start packing

    As stated it seems that packing is the most time-consuming and hardest aspect of the move. It usually involves a lot of activities to complete. You have to declutter and get rid of unneeded stuff. You have to gather packing supplies that can be expensive. Usually, you have to recruit some help to handle the packing process and sometimes you have to disassemble furniture and take special care not to damage your belongings.

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    Packing is a process that is made less tedious by using modern apps

    One way to handle this is through hiring professional packing assistance. Many movers today offer a professional packing service that can free up your time and save you trouble. However, there are smarter ways to handle your packing today. Here are some o the apps that can help you pack and even handle your entire move.

    Sortly app

    If you are in need of a smart app to help you pack then Sortly is the one for you. This app can help you make a photo inventory of your belongings. You can mark and inventory every item you own room by room. The inventory is complemented by photos that can be used for insurance purposes.

    Any item can be easily identified and its condition analyzed in case of damage. You can also sort the items by color, category, size, and other criteria. It can be also used for QR labeling of your boxes expanding on its usability. This app is free to use and simple but efficient help in packing.

    Moved app

    Moved is the app that can help you with your whole moving process. It also incorporates packing and can help you through the packing process a lot. It acts as a concierge that plans your move for you. This app can help you with advice on moving supplies that you have to buy. It will also advise on where to order supplies and it will give you packing tips. The main aspect of the app is that it is easy to use and it is completely free.

    A woman pointing at an iPad
    Moving and packing are made easy through the help of modern technology

    So, both of these apps that can help you pack are designed to modernize the packing and moving process. They are easy to use and free. So make sure you try them out. You will find them helpful and your move will be that easier to complete. In addition, you can also try other apps to help you move. Make sure you find the one that is most useful to you and your type of relocation.