Top ten package supplies for moving

March 26, 2019

When moving to a new location, there are a hundred things going through your mind, at least. How are you going to adapt to the new surroundings, did you make a good choice, did you cancel all your subscriptions, etc. Moving requires you to have professional skills. However, there are some things that you can cross of your list, like package supplies, because once you have them your moving can truly start even before the relocation itself. When choosing package supplies you should be guided by the experience of many people who moved already. Have a look at this list and see what items you need to obtain.


Boxes are the largest pieces of packing supplies and you will need them in order to pack the most of your belongings. They are extremely useful for everything starting from books, clothes, china, souvenirs, linen, towels, etc. Not all boxes come in the same size, based on your needs you will choose how many of them should be:

  • small boxes
  • medium boxes – great for dishes, office supplies, clothes
  • large boxes – great for pots and pans, shoes, lamps, picture frames and tall items
  • wine boxes –
  • small mirror boxes

Always be careful not to overload when packing the boxes, as then they are heavy and require additional hands to move them. There is a risk of the content damage if they fall out of your hands.

a person packing his items into a box

Boxes are one of the most needed pieces of package supplies

Labels and markers

Once you start filling out the boxes, in order to avoid confusion when you get to your new home, label them immediately and save yourself the trouble. Just label the box and write what the box contains, like china, books, kitchen supplies. You can choose to label the boxes by a category of things or by the room they will go to. It is best to put the label on the very top of the box. In this way you will not have to search for the side on which you placed the label when you are in a rush.

tape, scissors and a labeled box are a must-have package supplies

Tape, scissors and a labeled box are a sign of great packing skills

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is the best way to preserve delicate and easily breakable items like glass, plates, figurines, etc. You do not have to worry about the size as they come in large roles, so you can just make the cut at the length that suits your needs best. They are sold by the foot. Another great thing about the bubble wrap is that you can let your kids play with it once the moving is finished.

Stretch wrap

If there is a single, most useful piece of package supplies that would preserve your drawers than it is definitely a stretch wrap. Secure your cabinets and drawers from flying around while moving by placing a stretch wrap around them, and you can relax, nothing will fall out. You can do the same thing with boxes, if you want to combine several of them in one place. Another great option to use stretch wrap is to put it over your furniture. You will avoid it getting dirty in the process.

Cloth moving blankets

Cover your furniture in these blankets and avoid any damage on them. They are a great match with the stretch wrap for your furniture. This piece of package supplies is irreplaceable when moving sculptures and paintings or any other artworks that you have. The value of your items can be measured in money and in emotions, so this is an excellent way to preserve your belongings.

Trash bags make for great package supplies

Extremely useful for items that cannot break during transport. You can easily put your clothes or towels in them. While they are definitely not a sight for sore eyes, they make your packing easier and save you time. You can also use the trash bags for placing all the plastic items that you have. Liquids like your hair mask, shampoo, or cleaning preparations can be stored in trash bags as well.


Get yourself a strong tape that you can use for your boxes. Tape should be of good quality so that you don`t have second thoughts about whether the box will fall apart. Most importantly the content of the box will not break if the tape is good. It can be used to seal all sizes of boxes. Besides boxes, paper pads and cloth moving blankets can be secured with tapes as well.

Plastic bags that are sealable

Obtain sealing plastic bags and you will not regret it. They are handy when you need to move small items. A perfect way to use them is to place all your jewelry in them. If you have a lot of earrings and you are afraid you will use them during the move, a sealing plastic bag is a solution. Also, once you start packing you will find them necessary for things like screws, pens, magnets from your travels and other souvenirs that are small.


A large pair of scissors that are sharp will save you a lot of time once you start unpacking in your new home. It will easily undo all the taping that you have done in your old house and it will save you both your time and nerves. Scissors are not meant to be used just for the purpose of moving, they will last for years to come, just sharpen them regularly. It is a great investment.

Paper pads

When it comes to your electronic components like batteries, or your speakers and night lamps feel free to use paper pads. They are fairly cheap, yet sustainable. The best thing about them is that you can use them for multiple categories of items. You can even use them to cover furniture that will go to your garage storage.

a clock on the road

Well chosen package supplies save you time and energy

Moving to a different location is a big process that requires high organizational skills and causes a lot of stress. Now with package supplies obtained you can dedicate time to other important stages of your moving. It feels great to be able to cross a few things of your moving list, doesn`t it?

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