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    During any move, regardless of how big it is and how far are you going you will be faced with easier and harder challenges to overcome. Some are quite easy to deal with, for example getting rid of the clutter is quite boring, but also not a very demanding task (check out here how to do it in the easiest way). On the other hand, moving furniture can be pretty tricky. This task is so difficult to perform because if you fail at it you might get severely injured and your property can be damaged. That is why it is extremely important to move furniture safely. Furniture can weight a lot, be very fragile and difficult to transport.  If it is of great value, transporting is even harder, and requires more time and patience. But that shouldn’t concern nearly as much as your safety and the safety of people doing the heavy lifting when moving furniture. It is very easy to neglect this during a move, because of so many things that are happening around you, but the consequences can be very harmful, if not fatal. But, even if you want to do your best, the actions you are taking may not be the best option. That is why you should take a look at our list and keep in mind this safety tips when moving furniture.

    1. The best safety tip when moving furniture is to dissemble it

    How to move furniture safely
    Safety tip when moving: dissemble the furniture

    The biggest problems during relocation will be caused by big pieces of furniture, one that is heavy, difficult to manage and hard to take down the stairs. Not to mention it will be even harder to bring it back up, in case your new home doesn’t have an elevator. People often don’t measure correctly and assume that they will be able to carry something in one piece. Sometimes they even want to prove a point and don’t think about the fact that they might get hurt. And sometimes it is simply quicker. But don’t fall into that trap. It is better to move the furniture safely than to do it fast. Imagine that you are doing a marathon rather than a sprint and take your time. Every piece of furniture that can be disabled should be just that. Do not reassemble it during transportation or inside your new home, move it entirely in piece. If you hire professional movers, they will immediately tell you that this is the number one safety tip when moving furniture. But if you are moving by yourself, you should be extra careful, because you probably lack experience in such endeavors.

    1. Eliminate safety risks when moving furniture

    How to safely remove furniture
    Have your first aid close to you when moving furniture

    Before the moving day arrives do a little role play and walk around the house searching for places that can cause you problems and prevent you from moving furniture safely. In order to do this, you should measure all of your big furniture and doorways and see if there is any mismatch. If such situation arises you should think of ways to solve it in advance, so you wouldn’t have problems when the moving day arrives. In addition to this you should remove all small items that can be broken easily or damaged during the transportation of large pieces of furniture, such as picture frames. Look closely at the passage you or your movers will have to take – will they step on something, can they slip etc. Safety during the move is of paramount importance. Not only you can cause problems for yourself, but you can also injure some of the workers you have hired. This is definitely a situation that you want to avoid at any cost.

    1. Don’t forget to get the right equipment when moving

    Perhaps you are hiring someone to do your move, but perhaps you are not. Either way, you should know how to safely move furniture. In order to prevent injuries and accident, it is not always enough to be cautious and to pay attention. Sometimes it’s the question of having the right tools for the job. When making an estimation, you might assume that you won’t need any of that, but when the day comes you might find yourself in an unfortunate situation. That can be easily prevented if you prepare yourself. You should also have in mind that you can easily rent all of this equipment and not waste money on buying it.

    1. When moving furniture use the appropriate footwear and clothing

    Safely moving furniture
    Appropriate footwear is important when moving furniture

    It seems foolish to even offer this advice, but you would be surprised how many people don’t even pay attention to this. They just put something on, usually the closest thing they can grab and worry about the consequences later. When it comes to moving furniture safely there is no small and insignificant detail. Accident happen even if everything is taken care of, so why risk it with irresponsible behavior. On the day of your move make sure that you are wearing something comfortable, and old, so you wouldn’t worry about damaging it. Have always glows and goggles ready, because there will be plenty of occasions to use it. Wear snickers or boots depending on the weather and don’t forget to tuck in your shoe laces so you wouldn’t step on them. Always have a bottle of water nearby, so you wouldn’t dehydrate and don’t forget to eat. Many mistakes when moving furniture happen because people are too exhausted and they are not paying so much attention.

    It is nor fun nor easy to move furniture safely but it is the only way to perform this task in the best possible way. Moving is stressful enough without you having to worry about possible injuries and accidents that might happen that day. Take preventive action, invest your time into being safe rather than sorry and go through this day a bit more relaxed.