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    Long-distance house hunting in California is a difficult task to perform. But, with proper planning and execution, you can do it successfully. However, you’ll need a good real estate agent, knowledge of the area you’re looking at, and realistic expectations. Combine all of these things and you’ll find a home that suits your needs. 

    You know why you should move to California, but you need some assistance. To help you with your search, here are some tips to help you find a new home in California from afar.

    Find a real estate agent when long-distance house hunting in California

    You shouldn’t dive into the world of house hunting alone. Especially when it comes to long-distance buying. So, finding a real estate agent that will show you all the ins and outs of the area is crucial.  

    Real Estate Agent Home Buying  - Long-distance house hunting in California
    Make sure you find a good real estate agent. That is one of the most important tips for long-distance house hunting in California.

    The agent you hire must be familiar with the California market. Also, the agent should be able to say if the house suits your needs as soon as it comes on the market. Here’s what to look for in your real estate agent:

    • Experience in long-distance home hunting and moving. After all, you need some who knows more than you do so that you can have a smooth transfer to your new hometown;
    • The agent must know the technology that is required for the process.
    • He or she must have the ability to communicate on your schedule. Even when you’re in different time zones.
    • The agent must understand what you’re looking for. Also, he must know your budget. 

    Research the area by yourself

    Leaving everything to your real estate agent is aways the option. But, no matter what, you need to do your research before anything. So, as soon as you decide to find movers on sites like to help you move, read all the guide books you can find. Look at the California maps, explore the place you’re planning to move to online.

    Also, if you know anyone in California, contact them. Try to get inside information about life there. Find out the crime rates, the schools, and check out the livability scores. Search so you can choose the perfect place for the start of a new life chapter.

    Tips for long-distance house hunting in California – Define your needs

    Another important tip for long-distance house hunting in California is figuring out exactly what you need. Without this, you’ll have a thin chance to choose the right place. So, write down everything you want from your new home. Focus on things like the environment and the type of house you want to live in. Then, how many rooms you want, and more. 

    Know all these things before you contact your real estate agent because then he will know what you’re looking for. 

    Pencil Notes
    Make a list of things you want from your new home.

    Plan to visit California

    Visit the new place because then you’ll get a sense of what you’re diving into. Also, consider learning exploring the new city – how to do it right?. It will enable you to make a better home buying decision.

    Set up your budget

    When setting up the budget, it is important to be realistic. You shouldn’t go too high, but, also you shouldn’t settle for less than you can get because you’re afraid. Your real estate agent can give you some price guidance before making the final decision.

    The final tip for long-distance house hunting in California is to stay open-minded. Open your eyes to any possibilities that are thrown at you.