Why you should move to California

Let us begin by saying that there are so many reasons why you should move to California, that we probably won’t be able to fit all of the reasons into this article. We have decided to list only the most important ones. And the list goes on and on… Moving is sometimes scary, often difficult and never without complications. But, when you do move somewhere you enjoy, all the trouble will be worth it. On our website, we try to cover a variety of topics, from what to do when moving abroad, to advice about what to do after the move. But, this time, we have decided to try to swing you towards our home state. California is a state of incredible beauty, nature, and opportunity. We enjoy the benefits of living in this sunny state every day, so why shouldn’t you.

1.It’s always sunny in California!

this is why you should move to California

Let California spoil you!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The weather in California is a huge benefit for this state. If you need reasons to move to California, just think about the fact that it has more than 300 sunny days per year. And good weather has a lot of benefits. There are many pieces of research that show the impact the weather has on our mood. It is, actually, very complex, but one thing is clear – the sun helps you shine as well. You should move to California so you would be able to enjoy this benefits, among many others. Good weather brings not only good mood but also awesome opportunity to spend time outdoors. This also means that it will be that easier for you to stay healthy, to be away from the computer, and to maintain a fitness lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to go out when the sun is shining? Almost every day.

2. You should move to California if you want to enjoy the nature

Yes, we know you heard about the beaches. They are everywhere, they are amazing, and we don’t want to leave them ever. But, did you hear about everything else? What else? Well, California has amazing national parks, and mountains, and deserts. You can surf, you can ski, you can golf… Oh, you can skydive, and hike, and go under the sea. And you can do all of that on the same day before heading out to camp somewhere in this amazing nature. When faced with so many opportunities, along with the amazing weather, your quality of life, as well as your health and fitness will be better in no time.

3. Welcome to the land of opportunity!

Or should we better say state? All of the benefits that California has to offer wouldn’t mean a thing without the economy to support it. Well, hold your socks. California is the 8th largest economy in the world. Take this into consideration when you consider the reasons why you should move to California. After all, Google, Apple, and Facebook were all born here. And not just them. The Silicon Valley keeps producing social media giants and new amazing technology. With this come jobs, opportunities and career development. And if that isn’t enough to get you hooked, just take into consideration that California cares and invests in renewable energy sources, clean water, and solar industry. This country is simply amazing.

4. You will never be bored in California

why you should move to california

Grab your phone and don’t go inside until dawn!

Although it is not possible to be fed up with this amazing nature, let’s say that you need a bigger stimulans. Well, we don’t where you should begin. How about Disneyland, Legoland and Universal Studios? Perhaps too mainstream. Then you can head out to Knotts Berry Farm or Sea World. And if you are old enough, Coachella is waiting for you. If not, there are many more year-rounf outdoor festivals where you can spend your free time. Opportunities are everywhere and that is why you should move to California.

5. California is the land of diversity

Not only do two amazing cities call it home – San Franciscso and Los Angeles – but California is home to many different entities. It is important to know that California is the most racially diverse state in the nation. This diversity shows itself in many forms. You can be who you want to be. And you can do what you want to do. Tech geek in the Silicon Valey, shining star in Los Angeles, or a gay activist in Cabo. And everywhere you go you can enjoy great weather and positive peope. This is why you should moste definitely move to California. 

6. This is also a state very enthusiastic about sports!

Where should we begin? You got the Gians, Dodgers, Angles, Padres, Chargers, Raiders, Ducks, Kings and Sharks. Oh, let’s not forget the Lakers, Clippers and Warriors. In California, they like so many different sports, they like their teams and they are not afraid to show it. Even if you weren’t so enthusiastic about sports, you might find yourself rolled up in the enthusiasm that is year round. You should move to California to experience this first hand.

Moving is such a important life decision and it should not be taken lightly. You need to take many things into consideration and perhaps you will be forced to move. Even if that is indeed the case, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Change is sometimes good and often necessary. And if you do have a say in the matter, we are very clear about this – you should move to California. No state says fresh start as the one that is greener, more interesting and more tolerant than any other in the United States. This country isn’t just sandy beaches and music festivales, economy is great and the education system is better than you thought. So, it’s not just for adults to party, it is also for kids to grow up in. Take all of this into consideration and welcome to California!

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