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    You’ve finally done it and moved to a new city. Maybe you enrolled in a university there. Or maybe you went looking for a job. No matter what the reason is, you are at an unfamiliar ground. Even if you visited that city in the past, it’s not the same as living in it. And exploring the new city is not always as straightforward as people think. Unfamiliar streets, different people and different ways of doing things. But, that will be your new home for the foreseeable future. And you need to know the city a little bit better.

    Why is exploring the new city important

    Whenever you arrive at a new city you find yourself kind of lost. You don’t know what the shortest routes are. You don’t know where landmarks are. It makes it difficult to move around the city. And if you are looking for a job, it’s that much harder when you don’t know where is what located. That’s why you should make exploring the new city a priority. And you should set aside some time to do it right. By going through the city you will get to know its people, culture, landmarks and you will have a much easier time living in it.

    Use public transport

    If you have moved to a medium or large city you should consider using public transport at first. While it might be easier to get a cab to drive you to where you need to go, you won’t have the same experience. Using public transport for exploring the new city is the best pay to get to know some less known things about it. You will meet people from all backgrounds. You might not be looking for friends. But you will get a great insight into how a city functions. How its people think and what do they think about the city.

    inside of a bus
    Use public transport when exploring the new city.

    When going through the city by public transport you will probably stick to a few known stations. But, from time to time, you should go to a random bus stop. Exit it and see what awaits you. You never know what you might find there. You might end up in a lovely cafe next to the street. Or you might find a dance studio and decide that zumba might be the right choice for you.

    Talk to strangers

    Our parents always thought us not to talk to strangers. And we tend to stick to it even as adults. But, remember that you are new in the city. You might not know how everything works. People can be very different even if that city is quite close to your home. So, don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. While on a bus strike a conversation with an old lady. Tell her about your experience of exploring the new city. And she will surely have a lot of insight and great advice. When lost, stop and ask for directions. Don’t rely solely on your phone or GPS. You will get some great info on the city. And you will get to experience it through the eyes of people who are living there.

    people talking in the street
    Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers and ask for directions

    Be open to new experiences

    If you are serious about exploring the new city you should definitely be open to new experiences. At first, everything will seem foreign. You won’t know the streets. You will have few friends. And all your favorite places won’t be there anymore. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be open to experiencing new things. The new city doesn’t just offer new opportunities. It also offers you the ability to rewrite everything that you didn’t like about your life. Maybe it’s time to hire Dubai Personal Trainers and get in shape. Or maybe now you should get a car and learn to drive.

    By experiencing new things in the city you might just find the love for it that you never knew existed. You might meet people with whom you can make long-lasting friendships. Every city has something different to offer. And it’s up to you to find out what that is and whether you like it.

    Try the local cuisine

    Yes, it might be the same as in your home town. But nothing is always the same. Pizza might taste a little bit differently. The local bakery might have a secret recipe that makes things smell great. Even the smallest of differences can make the whole experience unique and enjoyable.

    Find your new favorite places

    Back home you probably had your favorite cafe. Your favorite hairdresser and the favorite bakery that you went to every morning. And while it might be difficult to get used to the change, give new places a shot. They might surprise you. Try out different places. This city might have something to offer that your old one didn’t have. And it might just be something perfect for you.  

    baked goods on a shelf
    You might just find your new favorite bakery while exploring the new city


    Don’t plan your exploring

    Exploring the new city is surely going to be exciting. And you will want to make the best of every expedition throughout it. But, it’s good to be spontaneous from time to time. If you plan every aspect of your exploratory trip you might miss out on many things that are just around the corner. So, don’t be afraid to make a left turn instead of the right one.

    Get lost in the city

    It’s never comfortable not knowing where we are. Panic can quickly set it and the whole trip might start becoming uncomfortable. But, at the same time, those are the moments that we remember the most. Even though we are scared and worried, we tend to remember those moments as the best ones. So, allow yourself to get lost. Exit the bus at a random station and walk for a few blocks. If you see something interesting, go and explore it. Exploring the new city is all about getting to know things you never knew were there.