Online house hunting tips for families moving from California to New York

December 27, 2020

The real estate game has changed more than ever in the past few months. With the unexpected eruption of coronavirus, real estate apps are used more than in the past. Of course, this trend of online house hunting started years before today, but it seems that its popularity is at its peak right now. Social distancing is motivating potential property buyers to online house hunt, while they stay responsible and protected in their Cali homes. So, before you seriously dive into searching for your New York home remotely, here are a few important things you should know.

Tips for online house hunting

The entire process of looking for a property and later on moving your family from CA to NYC will be a hassle. You will most likely contact U. Santini Moving and Storage to help you move, you will have to pack and so much more. Still, for starters let those tasks be. First, you must find the ideal New York property for your family.

A boy and a little girl looking outside a window while their parents are online house hunting.
While organizing your interstate move, make sure your kids are never neglected.

Before anything else, have your priorities in check

Before you officially start your long-distance house hunting take a moment and think about everything. Don’t contact a real estate agent or hit the online house hunting apps. Ask yourself what are you really looking for? What type of property is the most suitable for your family in the Big Apple? Only once you are certain what type of amenities and characteristics you need your future home to have, you can take the next step.

Hire a local NYC real estate agent to represent you

While online house hunting, you will be living on the internet. Many apps and websites are put together so well that you almost feel you are on the property when looking at it online. Certainly, there are always plenty of pictures. Yet, there are also 360-degree tours where you can get an even better experience than just when picture browsing. That is all fine and dandy, but having a personal locally to represent you is the best way to go. Your real estate agent will translate your priorities into the best possible property for your family. This way you will be covered on all fronts. The room for error is substantially minimized and your upcoming interstate move can be nothing but fun.

A beautiful townhouse in NYC.
Make sure you don’t forget any amenities that your family needs while searching for your new place.

Once it is time to move, don’t do it on your own

Moving across the country is hard enough, but when you also include your entire family, the level of stress and difficulty of your move significantly goes up. That is why you should leave your New York move to the professionals. Your movers will relocate you safely and in a timely fashion. In the meantime, you can concentrate all your time and energy on your kiddos. Even when moving locally experts can always give you a hand but especially during a long-distance relocation.

Always be on alert and pay extra close attention

Online house hunting will be difficult because doing it in person gives you a sense of security because you have seen everything with your own two eyes. Since that is not an option when doing it remotely pay close attention to all pictures and videos. Always be alert and make sure everything is in order and just the way your family needs it to be. Otherwise enjoy the process. Happy New York house hunting!

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