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    Antique items in our home are either very expensive or carry a lot of family’s memories. Either way, if you decide to bring them to your new home – we absolutely understand it. However, packing and relocation items like that can be very difficult. It’s usually about the size, weight, and delicacy of the items. That’s why often people say goodbye to their favorite antique things when they decide to move house. However, this doesn’t need to be like that. If you prepare with our moving tips and tricks, you’ll be able to move antique furniture across the country without any problems. It will be an adventure, but it’s definitely worth it – making your new house a home with such beautiful and important pieces. Here’s everything you need to know about relocating your antique furniture so you can make the whole process a lot easier.

    Have a stress free move – plan it on time

    Packing antique furniture takes time. So, if you want to move antique furniture across the country with no problems and pack for moving without stress. Dedicate time to the packing process so you can do it without any problems like damage or getting hurt, which usually happens if you do delicate tasks like this in a hurry. Plan the whole moving process and make a schedule, so you finish everything before the moving day and be ready for the new house. Be sure to include in your planning :

    • exact location – be sure to have a floor plan of the house/apartment you’re moving into so you can pick the right spot where a piece of furniture will be. Don’t think about it on the spot, while carrying a heavy item.
    • travel time and route – consider the fastest, yet safest route from your old to your new home. This doesn’t mean just reaching the front door. Measure the width of doors and hallways, so your antique furniture can be put in an appropriate room safely.
    • weather conditions – if you are about to move antique furniture across the country, you should consider weather conditions in the new state/city. If they are way different from the current one, be sure to modify the packing technique. Think if your antique item needs extra protection and modify the air-condition and dehumidifier at your new home before you arrive.
    an antique sofa ready to move antique furniture across the country
    If you prepare well to move antique furniture across the country, you won’t risk damaging the items

    Make an inventory list

    It is important to make a list of all the antique items you are moving across the country. Furthermore, make a list of all other things you are moving to. or at least write it on the boxes when you label them. This way,  you’ll have a more clear idea of what you are moving, so you can calculate the moving costs and also have some kind of proof if anything goes missing during transport so you can make a claim if it’s necessary. Additionally, be sure to write down if any item was previously damaged and specify what kind of damage it is (taking a photo is much easier and more efficient).

    Protect your antique furniture with a proper insurance

    When you decide to move antique furniture across the country, it’s important to have your items appraised. Furthermore, taking insurance is a must if you are dealing with valuable pieces. Your insurance company can probably recommend reliable furniture appraisers, so you can get the job done much faster. Knowing the value of the items is very important, so you know what to do if anything happens during transport.

    an antique writing desk with old items on top of it
    Knowing the value of your items is essential when you need to move antique furniture across the country.

    Think about the costs

    Moving large pieces of furniture can be pricey. That’s why you should think about the items you have and decide if you really need to move every one of them. Selling some of the pieces can help your moving budget, and help you reduce the moving costs if you decide to call Brooklyn your new home. Saving wherever you can and decluttering your home will pay off in the end and help you save money for buying some new items for your new home.

    Should you pack by yourself when you want to move antique furniture across the country?

    Well, it is possible to DIY the whole moving process, yet moving with the help of professionals is less risky. That’s why it’s maybe better to contact Flatbush based professionals who can help. They have experience with dismantling and packing delicate items and know the right techniques for packing carrying them.

    An old, antique chair ready to be moved across the country
    Dealing with valuable antique items is a job for professionals so be sure to contact them if you want to move antique furniture across country


    If you need to pack and move antique furniture across the country on your own…

    …don’t rush. It’s important to take your time and follow these tips on packing and moving antiques. Here are the most important things you should know:

    • dismantle your furniture – if possible, dismantle everything you can before you move antique furniture across the country. This will make packing and transport easier, as well as carrying.
    • any small parts like screws or handles should be in separate plastic bags. If you have a lot of furniture pieces, be sure to label these plastic bags so you can easily return them in place when you need to assemble the furniture.
    • wrap each piece – don’t save on the packing material and wrap each piece and item with pads, cloths, towels or blankets. After that, use plastic protection to wrap it again. It’s best t use air-filled type, so you can protect the items from breaking or scratching.
    • if you store items in boxes, be sure to use boxes of appropriate size. If they are slightly bigger, fill the extra space in boxes with some kind of protection, to prevent the items from tumbling.
    • don’t stick tape directly on the furniture pieces – it can damage the paint and leave stains on the surface.

    As you can see, it takes a bit of work to move antique furniture across the country. But, having a piece that brings so many memories in your new home is priceless. It’s worth all the time and energy you invest in relocating items like this.