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    By now, everyone knows that moving is a very complex task. It requires a lot of time, money, energy and nerves. And why is that? Because it has a lot of moving parts. Literary and figuratively. You must have almost everything figured out long before moving day comes and you depend on a lot of people and circumstances. You should be well organized and you should plan things ahead. However, even if you do everything by the book, complications can occur. Because you are not alone in this process. So, a question can you pack for moving without stress is valid and on point. And the answer is – probably no. However, there are ways to tone down the stress, if you know what are you doing. That is why we are here to help you with a practical guide on how to avoid stress as much as possible.

    Why is packing for moving so stressful?

    Packing for moving is so stressful simply because there is a lot of stuff to be done in a short period of time. Generally, you need to cope with relocation stress the best way you can. Because everything that is connected with some kind of deadline is usually stressful. If you don’t have any previous experience in moving and packing, you probably don’t know how much time every task needs you to set aside.

    Can you pack for moving without stress - figure of the frog holding books
    There are ways to tone down the stress surrounding packing and moving

    And if you have experience, you are stressing out because you know how much stuff you need to do in the limited period of time. Either way, stress is inevitable. But, on the other hand, if you want to pack for moving without stress, learn how to do things properly, and you will be able to manage that stress.

    The steps to take when you want to pack for moving without stress

    Now that you know that it’s possible to reduce the stress when packing, it’s time to learn how. We have prepared this guide with steps for you to take in order to do things the right way and organize your time and your belongings in the least stressful manner.

    Here is how you can execute your pack for moving without stress:

    • create an awesome checklist,
    • start as soon as possible,
    • obtain the proper packing supplies,
    • don’t pack everything you own,
    • pack one room at a time,
    • label the boxes,
    • ask for help.

    If you manage to follow these steps, we can guarantee that your packing will be much less stressful than if you just start throwing things in boxes randomly. And the best part is that you can apply this guide to any kind of packing. Whether you need to move office equipment, declutter your garage or relocate the whole household. Once you learn and start taking these steps, you will become a pro in packing.

    Create an awesome checklist

    First things first. Before you start to pack for moving without stress you must create a detailed checklist. It should contain all the things you need to do and pack. But also – the timelines. Or, better yet – the deadlines. Everything that comes to your mind, relocation-related should be on that checklist.

    A checklist will save you time and nerves, and help you organize better

    From what items to pack, to who to call to when to cancel utilities. And make sure to cross off everything you finish. But don’t stress out when you start adding stuff to your checklist. That is precisely what it’s for – to help you not forget about something.

    Start as soon as possible

    There is no point in waiting. The moment you make a decision to relocate, you should start preparing for it. Starting with the checklist, of course. But don’t stop there. You should start by getting important supplies and information. And don’t forget to start preparing your children for relocation, too. That will later help them settle in easier after the move, at your new home.

    Obtain the proper packing supplies

    In order to pack for moving without stress, you should have proper packing supplies for moving. That means enough boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, duct tape and maybe packing peanuts. If your budget allows you, it’s best to hire moving professionals, since they have everything you might need. And not to mention the more experience they have, so they will finish the job much faster than you while your belongings stay safe.

    Don’t pack everything you own

    This is a really crucial thing to remember. You must not pack everything you own. Firstly, let’s be honest. You haven’t used some of your belongings for years, and you never will. So, you need to get rid of them. Decide what can’t be used anymore and throw it to trash. All the other stuff that you don’t plan to use, could be given like gifts or to charity.

    Pack one room at a time

    If you want to be really productive, don’t switch rooms. Rather go through one by one and pack all there is to pack. Start from the least important room and continue to the most important one. While you do that, try to clean everything behind you as well. Including the items that you will be putting to boxes. That will save you time later when you have to unpack.

    Label the boxes

    Everyone who has ever packed before will tell you how important this step is. For several reasons. Firstly, you will know what to pay attention to when loading the moving truck. If boxes contain fragile items, you will put them on top. If there are books inside them, they will be on the bottom, of course.

    man loading boxes to a truck
    Labeling boxes will save you time while unpacking

    Also, when you or moving company workers unload the truck, if the boxes are labeled, you will know which room to put them in right away. When you get at your new home, you won’t have time to unpack everything immediately, so it’s going to be much easier to find the things you need when you know where to look for them. So write down on boxes what’s in them, which room they belong to and whether or not the insides are fragile.

    Ask for help

    If you want to pack for moving without stress, you should ask for help. If you don’t have a lot of belongings and you are not relocating too far away, maybe your friends and family can help. However, if you are relocating the whole household or your business, we suggest you to hire a professional moving company. That is the ultimate way to tone down the stress that surrounds packing and moving. They will finish the job much faster than you, so even if you get stressed, it will last shorter. And when you have professionals handling your belongings, you know they will come at a destination safe and sound.