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    So, you are about to move. And soon. Already feeling al that anxiety kicking in? We got you. Moving is a hard job to take on. There are so many things that need to be done. So, so many of them. And that is what makes this process so complex. You need an eye for the detail and even more importantly – good organizational skills. But, in order to help you move, we must focus on one and one thing only – packing. Why packing? Well, if you ask us – it is the hardest part. And once you go through with it, things will get a lot easier. Surprisingly easier. So, let’s start with ways to declutter your home!

    Starting on time really is half a job well done

    In order to prepare your items for safe transportation, you will really have to start on time. It will prevent many troubles and help you stay organized during this whole process. All at once. And that is something you really do want. Even if it seems like a hassle now. It won’t in the end.

    If you have to – become a morning person. Time is always there, and even if it runs too fast – you can always make some extra effort and make things possible. And that is pretty important when trying to pack and declutter your home properly.

    Folded clothes.
    Keeping things simple and neat will help you move quickly and hassle-free!

    Sorting your belongings – it will help you a lot

    It really will. So, as soon as you decide that it is time for you to start preparing for your upcoming movestart sorting through your house. You can even make a list of things that need to be transported. Or a list of things that need to be gone. Having everything on paper really means a lot, and as soon as you finish you’ll come to realize we were telling you the truth all along.

    Don’t be overly sentimental

    No. Really, don’t be. Decluttering your house is hard already. You don’t have to make things harder on yourself. So, make a criterion and stick to it. Do you really use it? How often? And do you actually need it? Or is it just making a mess? Answer your questions truly, and you’ll solve your problem!

    What are your options trying to declutter your home?

    There are many of them. You don’t have to throw everything out. No. There are just so many possibilities out there!


    If you don’t need or use it anymore, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Ask your friends and relatives if they’d like to take anything. You will be surprised by the answer.


    Have you considered this option? This way, you can declutter your home and help the ones in need all at the same time. Nice, right?


    Some of your belongings can’t be used anymore. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your belongings a second chance.


    …and make some money while trying to declutter your home. Our friends at Move On Relocation Nashville advise you to consider a few different options.

    • Sell your items at a yard sale, or
    • Sell them online.

    And move without breaking the bank!

    Yard sale.
    Yard sale is a great idea when trying to declutter your home!

    Trying to declutter your home won’t be easy – but, it’ll be worth it. So, give it a chance!