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    If you want to move to San Diego from Miami any time soon, you must be ready for certain challenges. Keep in mind that this is not going to be only an interstate move, but also a move during the global coronavirus pandemic. So, you must be extra prepared for leaving Miami for San Diego in 2020.

    Prepare for leaving Miami for San Diego during coronavirus pandemic

    The very first challenge you will have to overcome is preparing for your interstate relocation during a coronavirus pandemic. There are certain things that you have to think about when it comes to a situation like this one.

    Travel in your own vehicle with your family

    We strongly advise you to travel to your new home in San Diego from Miami in your own car with your family members. That option is better in times of pandemic. But, before your moving day comes, you must clean your vehicle completely and thoroughly.

    Do not forget to bring the necessities with you

    Also, you need to bring with you in your car all that you may need during your move. The majority of people are taking with them:

    • Money and credit cards
    • Documents
    • Keys
    • Medicines
    • Valuables like jewelry and similar items

    In addition, you should think about bringing with you some spare clothes for each of your family members. If your kids are little, bring their favorite toys. Importantly, in order to avoid stopping and buying food and water, you should prepare meals at home. Sandwiches and salads will be just fine. Pack them in plastic food containers and bring enough water bottles for all of you. Since you are relocating to San Diego during a pandemic, do not forget face masks, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial wet wipes.

    A face mask you need to wear when leaving Miami for San Diego.
    Make sure to bring enough face masks for you and all your family members when moving from Florida to California.

    Find a reliable relocation company for your interstate move

    When it comes to interstate moving, professional assistance is there for you. Hiring moving experts is definitely the best thing that you can do. Make no mistake, relocating from Miami in Florida to San Diego in California with your family and all of your belongings is not a simple thing at all. So, you should really find a company that is above everything else reliable, like City Movers. One of the ways to find your perfect company is to ask your closest people to recommend some movers. Another way is to do a thorough internet search. Read all reviews, see what certain companies have to offer when their services are in question. Then, contact some of them that you find okay and ask what is included in their prices, and check if they have a license. Do not forget to ask everything that you find important, like moving insurance.

    San Diego in California.
    You need to find a reliable moving company for your San Diego move.

    Start planning your leaving Miami for San Diego earlier

    The very important thing to do before your moving day is to plan the whole moving process ahead. Keep in mind that the organization is crucial when it comes to moving from one state to another. One of the things that you should start doing as early as possible is to start collecting cardboard boxes. Check your attic and basement also. Many people usually have some cardboard boxes in those places and they do not even remember that. This will save you a lot of money on moving materials, especially if you pack on your own, and avoid paying for packing services. But, you must make sure to pack carefully in order to avoid any damages. Moreover, you can ask your friends to come over and help you with packing. This will make the whole thing less boring and tiresome and more fun for you and your family. Also, buy some beer and order pizza for all of you to relax after packing things.

    A planner because planning a move is a crucial step.
    You will have to start planning and organizing your move from Miami to San Diego months earlier.

    Use your planner when organizing your move from Miami to San Diego

    In order to avoid forgetting some of your responsibilities related to both your job and relocation, you need to use your planner. Writing everything down is definitely the best solution. If you do not have a planner already, then you should buy one. Or it can be some kind of notebook that you already have in your home. Also, the majority of people today are using applications on their mobile phones for this purpose. This step is very important for some people who tend to forget about important things when they start planning a move. For many, relocating can be a very stressful period. Especially when it comes to long-distance moving with the entire family.

    Make lists before you start packing

    Finally, you should create a moving checklist. In this way, you will not be able to forget the smallest item that you own when moving from one place to another. Importantly, you need to do this before you start packing your belongings. This will also help you realize which things you do not need. In order to avoid spending money on their transport, you should think of ways to sell them. The safest thing in the time of the pandemic is selling on the internet. That will require no personal contact with potential buyers. If there are some objects that you cannot sell, but that are usable, you can give them away. Donation is always a great thing to do. However, if you have some items that nobody needs, make sure to throw them away before you start packing for your upcoming move to San Diego.