Leaving Alabama for California – how will your lifestyle change

The two-hour time difference doesn’t seem like a huge change when you’re moving to a new place. But is that completely true? People who moved to California from some other states often say the lifestyle change is quite noticeable. Therefore, if you’re leaving Alabama for California, maybe there are some other things you should prepare for, instead of only packing your home. In this article, we will discuss all the lifestyle changes you can expect when relocating to California, and see if there’s a way to prepare for them for a smooth adaptation.

The sight you see after leaving Alabama for california
What will change after leaving Alabama for California?

You’ll earn more, but also spend more

California salaries are pretty high, but the thing that will surprise you the most is the living costs. California is one of the top 5 most expensive states in the country, which may come as a huge lifestyle change for residents from Alabama. However, the chances are you’re moving to CA for a much better job, so you can expect a higher salary, too.

You’ll get rid of the winter clothes

California’s climate is very mild, and warm and sunny days are common all year round. Alabama, on the other hand, experiences four distinct seasons. That’s why one of the ways your lifestyle will change is that you’ll enjoy warm weather and light clothes a lot more. That’s why one of the stages of packing for the move should be decluttering and getting rid of most of your winter clothes.

Remember: when packing and preparing for your interstate move, you can always rely on Park Moving for a complete relocation experience. Always consult a pro when moving to another state, as long-distance moves tend to get overwhelming.

Sunset in California
Mild climate is what all the new residents love about California.

Spending more time in the car will be a new normal

In California, you’ll need a car. Long-distances, wide roads and traffic jams are no news for Californians. Therefore, after leaving Alabama, you’ll spend more time in your car – but this doesn’t need to scare you. You can use this time to listen to a podcast or an audio book, or simply clear your thoughts after a long day.

How to make the move easier?

Interstate moves can get complicated, as there’s so much to do. That’s why you should do your best to make it as easy as possible, and here are some tips to help you out:

  • give yourself enough time – lack of time is the biggest cause of moving stress. Plan your relocation months in advance and avoid any problems;
  • rely on the moving pros – it is important that you safely reach your new home. That’s why contacting experienced pros will give you peace of mind;
  • start long-distance house-hunting – browsing homes from another state is possible, so be sure to read all the tips about it.
  • pack smart – declutter and organize your home so you can pack faster. Also, in case you have a lot of moving boxes, make sure you label them properly;

Preparing for the new life chapter will make leaving Alabama for California much easier. It will ensure you adapt to the new environment quicker and start enjoying your new California laidback lifestyle as soon as possible!

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