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    Living in California and having a basement is a luxury. Letting that basement go to waste would be a shame. There is a lot you can do with that space no matter how big it is. Making it a dedicated place for you to enjoy your hobby in peace can be the perfect solution. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done as basements tend to be problematic since no one really cleans them often. Usually, unnecessary items end up there. Also, it can be moist and dark so let’s see how you can turn your basement into a game room. It might take some time but it would be worth all the trouble.

    Let’s start making the basement into a game room

    First of all, go and see the condition of the basement. If it’s full of clutter, this is your first step. Depending on how much stuff and furniture you have, it will take from a few days to a few weeks. But if you need to rearrange the space and furniture faster, there are professionals who can help you. Leave the heavy items to professionals. Heavy lifting is not an easy thing.

    Deciding on what is useful

    This is not a very hard task. Look what you have in front of you and ask yourself. Did you use this item last year or two? If you haven’t, you probably never will again. Selling things online can be a good choice, you can use the apps. This can be a way to earn some money. If you don’t want to sell, you can always donate. That can be nice. For robust and bulky stuff that you might want to get after you are done like a pool table find experts who can assist you.

    If you have a lot of items that you want to keep

    It’s ok even if your basement is full of useful items you don’t want to rid of but you still want your game room. The solution is actually easy. Renting storage space nearby whether you are from LA or San Diego – Los Angeles Transfer And Storage can help you out.

    Cleaning the basement for your new game room

    After decluttering is over, you will be left with an empty space. Now is the time for deep cleaning. There are professionals that can help you with this task too but if you are up to it do it on your own. It is not very hard just time-consuming. Start buying all needed cleaning supplies. If there is a mold on walls you will be needing professionals for that. But if your walls are clean you can start with painting.

    Cleaning that is necessary to turn your basement into a game room.
    Cleaning your game room is very important.

    Deep cleaning

    Carpets will be needing either replacement or some deep cleaning depending on the condition. If you are buying new carpets, make sure to get low-maintenance ones. This is the game room you don’t want to be too careful and spend your days cleaning the carpet.

    Funky basement smell

    This is very often problematic. Basements rarely have big windows and the air can be stale. But this is nothing you cant fix. Getting air condition with hep-a filters can help with air flow. Also you can add some nice air fresheners or even scented candles. Whatever you like.

    Scented candles are great for the smell and mood.

    Getting new furniture and for the game room

    When your room is empty and clean, you can start with the basics. The furniture. You will be needing a comfortable chair. This is important for your back. People that spend a lot of time in front of the computer tend to have lower back problems. A good quality chair can help with that one. The next is of course the desk. Get a sturdy one since you will have a lot of things like monitors and such on it. Try to match them, this will make the room more pleasing to the eye.

    New gear

    You probably have a good computer but since you are getting a whole new room for this you will be needing new gear. Depending on your needs you will get a new headpiece, monitors, new sound surround system. This is all up to you. Get the best you can. Since you are buying a lot of things do some research and find the best prices first.

    Decorating your new game room

    Obviously, you don’t have to decorate the game room but it can be quite fun. Even basic stuff like accent walls and mood lights can make a huge difference. Some people like to decorate with gadgets and figurines from favorite games and movies. This is once again all up to you. This is a room for you to enjoy, do whatever pleases you. If you are in the mood for decoration get some inspiration online.

    hungry hungry hippos
    Vintage games can be really fun and decorating.

    Feeling weird in your new room

    This is actually very common so don’t worry. Even if you did everything just the way, you wanted it is not unusual to feel weird at the begging. It can take some time to get used to a new room. Especially since you never spent much time in the basement before. Soon you will feel great here, just wait. Adjusting always takes time.

    Items that you should have in your game room

    Small things can make big difference. The first thing is a water source. You need to drink water, so getting a water cooler can be great. Also, the snack drawer can be great. Also since you will be having snacks, you need to have your hands clean. Water wipes will take care of that. Also since they are made of 99.9 percent of the water they are great for freshening up your face too. Good luck and of course have fun!