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    Moving requires a lot of work and one of the tasks that we usually forget to plan is cleaning after you move out or when you move in. Whether you should hire a cleaning service or do everything yourself is something that people are thinking with almost every moving day.

    How long does a cleaning last after moving day?

    Depending on have you decided to clean your home when you move out as well as the cleaning of your new place? It is always nice to leave your home clean after you move out. It doesn’t matter whether you have sold or rented your house, you should clean it for the newcomers. Think about how you want to find your new home. Even if it is cleaned, you will also clean it yourself.

    When you are cleaning two homes, an old and new one, cleaning can take you a while. If you hire a cleaning service you will be able to pack or unpack stress-free. When you finish your tasks, then cleaning service steps in.

    Shortest period for cleaning a home is probably a few hours. If you want to deep clean everything, particularly in a large house, then you will be doing this a day or two, for sure.


    Cleaning service will scrub everything thoroughly.
    Don’t forget to scrub the wall tiles.

    Is it worth your money?

    If you are having second thoughts about whether to hire a cleaning service or not, think about what are you getting for your money. Of course, the price of cleaning service is different depending on your location. But it usually varies between 150 and 250 dollars for thorough cleaning one-bed apartment. This refers to average size apartment. Cleaning service usually includes detailed cleaning of bathroom, kitchen with the kitchen appliances. Overall you may say top to bottom cleaning service.

    When you are considering to hire a cleaning service or not, you can also ask your friends and family for references. Maybe they have already used some cleaning service and they know to recommend you one. In case you have to still go to work until moving day, or you don’t have too much time, it really does pay off. The best solution for employed persons is to hire a cleaning service and relieve you from some tasks and also stress.

    Why hire a cleaning service?

    Even if you are used to cleaning on a weekly bases or somebody even on a daily bases, you can also use a cleaning service. When you are moving out or moving in, cleaning is a little bit different than your normal routine cleaning. Taking out all of your furniture and other belongings will leave a lot of dust, filth, and stains that you probably haven’t seen before. It will take more time to clean your place. Not to mention that it is harder to clean dirt that is there for a longer time. Also, you will need appropriate cleaning supplies. So, if you are thinking about your budget, have in mind that you probably have to buy supplies as well. Only then, you can start to clean and scrub everything.

    Woman from a cleaning service
    Relieve yourself from stress and hire a cleaning service.

    Moving into a new home is a very stressful period for everybody. Not only you have to unpack and arrange your entire home, but first, you have to clean it thoroughly. It takes a lot of time, so use all the service you can get. That is all of the services that your budget allows you to.

    Deep cleaning tasks

    When you are moving in, no matter if you are renting or buying that place, you have to clean and sanitize everything. Depending on who lived there, that can be a demanding job. If there was a family with children, you will probably find a lot of drawing or fingerprints on the walls. On the other hand, if there was a single man, usually he will leave you plenty to scrub and clean. All things considered, deep cleaning is not an easy task, it is actually quite demanding.

    Before your moving day comes, you need to clean your place. It is easier to do it without furniture.

    An empty room
    Empty space is much easier to clean.

    If you will hire a cleaning service then also hire them before you take your belongings inside. If you are moving into a rented apartment with some furniture and appliances, hire a cleaning service before you take the boxes inside.

    Make sure that you clean thoroughly and do not forget to clean:

    • Walls – you need to always start from top to bottom
    • Tiles
    • Chandelier
    • Doors, windows
    • Appliances
    • Bathroom
    • Light fixtures and doorknobs
    • Floors always do in the end.

    You should leave floors or carpets for the end, so you do not have to clean them twice because of the dust that will fall on them during cleaning. In case you are moving into a house with carpets, first, you should deeply vacuum them and then wash if needed. If you need a cleaning service, make sure that you agree about carpet cleaning as well.

    Make sure to check about potential damages

    In case you are hiring a cleaning service when you have already moved in, be sure to check their policy about possible breakings or damages. See what is their stand on damages or what will they do in case you are not happy with the cleaning service. Ask if they will do touch ups or will they compensate damage they make. This is just in case that something happens. It is not so impossible to think that it is going to happen. Bear in mind that accidents happen, it simply questions are they reliable for what’s happening after that.

    Check with a cleaning service what is included in their price. Usually, basic service is in that price and all the extras are paying extra. Make sure that you have agreed on terms that suit you. With all the expenses for the relocation, you will be having so much on your list to pay. You want to be satisfied when the cleaning service finishes their job.