How to avoid damaging your belongings when moving from NYC to San Diego

August 29, 2021

Many things may go wrong during a relocation, from nicks in that new paint job to broken chair legs and sofas caught in stairwells. If you are thinking about how to avoid damaging your belongings when moving from New York to San Diego, there is no need to get worried. Thankfully, with a few smart precautions, getting reliable movers (and plenty of cushioning), you can move from an old house to a new one with all of your possessions intact – and hopefully no dings in those freshly painted walls as well. So, let’s get on with how to avoid damaging your belongings when moving from NYC to San Diego.


Since moving from NYC to San Diego comes with a lot of work, decluttering is key. It’s been stated before, but it bears repeating: If you don’t intend to retain it, don’t bother transferring it. Take advantage of the opportunity to declutter while preparing for a move by letting go of stuff you no longer love or use. The less you have to move, the faster you can pack and unpack, and the less money you’ll spend.

Furthermore, when the overall quantity of belongings to move isn’t nearly so overwhelming, you’re far less likely to succumb to the “just put everything in a box!” mindset that tends to strike everyone in the last hours before the movers come. A great idea is to get good plastic bins or boxes. If you don’t want to buy them, renting is the way to go, as you will probably use them once.

Cluttered room
Decluttering is a must if you want to reduce the workload of moving!

Make sure everything fits

Even though your furniture fits into your current home, it’s not guaranteed that it will fit in your new home. That’s why you should measure everything twice. You don’t want your sofa stuck in a stairwell, and a cabinet stuck outside the doors. Don’t allow this to happen to you, so make sure that everything fits by measuring it.

Use corner protectors

Mirrors and picture frames are fragile and you should handle them with extra caution. Using a packing kit for that type of item that comes with foam corner protectors is highly advised. That way your pictures and mirrors will be protected and safe. But, if you don’t have access to those kits, you should consider hiring professional packers. Professionals with experience will guarantee the safety of your items. If you have a lot of artwork, framed photos, or other sensitive things, it’s a good idea to start packing early for moving from NYC to San Diego so you can take your time and do it properly.

Utilize moving blankets

It may appear that skimping on furniture protection is acceptable, but it might be the difference between your prized possessions arriving in pristine shape and getting scuffed, ripped, or otherwise damaged. Rolls of plastic wrapping material are also available, although cushions and blankets provide additional protection for extra-delicate and upholstered objects. That said, make sure to utilize the pads and moving blankets if you want your furniture to not get damaged.

Boxes packed for moving from NYC to San Diego
Don’t use low-quality boxes when packing, because your items can get damaged.

Dissasemble the furniture

Your valuables could take a beating in a moving vehicle. When items collide, the little parts are generally the first to be damaged. Remove any legs, handles, or small projecting components of a piece of furniture that you can securely separate. Wrap the components in plastic wrap and store them inside a labeled box or bag, or attached to the furniture they came from. There are many ways to label boxes and bags to help you out. That way you will know what goes where and the reassembly will be much faster.

Use proper boxes

When packing, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the heavier the object, the smaller the box. A big box stuffed with heavy things is likely to fall apart or hurt the person carrying it, while boxes that are too empty are prone to breaking. Select the appropriate box for the item you’re packing and fill up any gaps with paper or packing peanuts. There are many different types of boxes so make sure to do research and choose the right ones. We recommend renting plastic bins from Capital City Bins or a similar provider.

Protect your floors when moving from NYC to San Diego

On moving day, there will be a lot of people in your house. Roll out nonslip runners in high-traffic areas to protect your flooring and prevent slips and falls. To safeguard your flooring in crucial places, your moving company may offer reusable nonslip runners, or you may purchase nonslip self-adhesive plastic floor covers. A self-adhesive plastic floor covering is usually your best choice if you have a big section of flooring that you want to protect (such as wall-to-wall light-colored carpeting). That way you will protect both the items and the floors. Remember this when organizing your unpacking also.

Protect your door frames

When going through a narrow door frame with a heavy piece of furniture, even the most careful movers will occasionally hit it. Covering the main entrance’s door frame is a sensible preventative step. Doorjamb protectors are provided by some movers, but you may also rent or buy them ahead of time. These coverings include flexible spring clamps that readily attach to the door without damaging it.

Wood floor
Don’t forget to protect your floors when you are moving your items and furniture.

Don’t DIY specialty items

Do you need to transport a piano, a hot tub, appliances, or any large or heavy item? Make sure you discuss the details with your movers ahead of time since they will almost certainly require special equipment and additional time to manage it. Do not attempt to transport a piano on your own, even though it should go without saying.

Clear your driveway

Not only will this save you money on long-carry costs, but having a clean area to park the moving van means there will be less danger of damage on the way in and out. For safe relocation, both for the movers and your possessions, a strong ramp built on a level surface is essential.

The best tips is to start preparations early

There are many ways to avoid damaging your belongings when moving from NYC to San Diego when you properly handle them. Movers can help with this. If you follow all of the provided tips, your items should be safe!

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