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    Moving can be quite the stressful process, especially if you don’t know how to keep your relocation in  good order. Organization is the key, and keeping your move as effortless as possible is the key of successful home relocation. So, how can you keep your move organized? In this article we are going to answer that question. All you need to do is to follow our few steps, and moving to your new home should be successful.

    But first, hire a moving company

    Don’t move on your own. This is the main thing. Moving on your own is less efficient and more costly than moving with the help of professional moving company like HomeServices Relocation. Of course, if you are moving just few blocks away, moving on your own is sometimes a viable option.

    A moving truck requires that you keep your move organized.
    You should hire a moving company.

    Separate your stuff

    You can separate your stuff into three distinct groups. First one is for the things you’re planning to move to your new home. Second group is for the stuff you can sell or donate. And the third group is for the stuff you want to throw away.

    Gather some supplies if you want to keep your move organized

    For successful labeling, you’ll need to gather some supplies if you want to keep your move organized. Just make sure that you don’t forget any of them when moving. You can get those supplies in the nearest supermarket, and they are quite cheap. This is what you’ll need:

    • permanent markers
    • boxes of different sizes
    • sticky paper in different colors
    • sticky tape

    You’ll need to have different types of markers

    Not all markers are same. Some are more visible, and some are less visible. It is better to have many different types of markers. That way you can ensure that you are labeling your boxes properly. Use one color for bathroom items, different color for bedroom items, etc. Also, make sure that you have waterproof markers. That will reduce packing stress, since it will be easier to recognize what goes where.

    Use sticky paper to keep your move organized

    Sticky paper is another great way to label your boxes. They come in different shapes and colors, and they are great for labeling. You should use them as often as possible. That way you can notify your movers what goes where.

    Label your boxes accordingly

    You’ll have to separate the things you want to move to your new home into several groups. First one is for small but fragile stuff. Use the sticky paper which is colored like it can signify danger. Use red or yellow, for example. Label those boxes with the word “fragile”. Don’t forget to write “this side up”, and to draw an arrow pointing to the upper side.

    Cubes random colored.
    Label your boxes with different colors if you want to keep your move organized.

    Second group is for the poisonous stuff like bathroom cleaners. Use different color like green for them.

    Other than that, you can mark your boxes however you like. A nice way is to label your boxes by the room, like bathroom, bedroom, living room etc. Keep your move organized, and enjoy a stress free relocation!