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    Do you want to visit Monterey, California, or to move there for good? If you do, then you should first explore Monterey and see what this city has to offer and what it’s like to live there.

    Explore Monterey before you move there

    Where to go and what places to visit in Monterey? If you are moving here in the near future, you definitely should visit this city before making the final step. This will help you cope with relocation stress because there won’t be a fear of the unknown.

    • Bike tour along 17 Mile Drive
    • Sea Car tour
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium
    • Dennis the Menace Park
    • Cannery Row
    • Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail
    • Old Fisherman’s Wharf

    Here you can visit a lot of interesting museums, galleries, different restaurants, bars, or simple, enjoy the beach with people you love.

    A beach in Monterey
    Monterey has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy and relax

    Moving to Monterey, CA

    Monterey is a smaller coastal town with a population of almost 30,000, located in Monterey County. It is different from other cities in CA. Los Angeles is the closest big city, but these two places are completely different and have different vibes.

    If you want to be part of this place and to move here, keep in mind that local assistance is at your service. Hiring a local moving crew is better because they already know the area and have a lot of experience.

    Things to know about Monterey if you want to live there

    Monterey offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel. Mostly young professionals and retirees live here, as well as families with kids. Explore Monterey and research the pros and cons of living there and think about it thoroughly before moving. These are some of the facts to know before making the final decision and moving there for good. The main pros of living in Monterey are a year-round climate, recreation, entertainment, and attractive setting.

    • The median home value is around $765,000 and the median rent per month is $1,800. More people rent a home, about 62% of residents.
    • The median household income is $75,000.
    • When it comes to the job market, the unemployment rate is only 3%. This is why many people want to move an office here. The job market is strong and salaries are higher than the national average.
    • To explore Monterey, you should also explore the costs of living and how much money you will need after moving there. Living in Monterey is 26% more expensive than the California average and 76% higher than the USA average. The biggest factor is housing.
    A view of Monterey.
    Spend quality time in Monterey before you choose to move there

    Explore Monterey even if you don’t want to live here. You should see the beauties it has to offer to trusts as well as residents. But, if you are considering starting a new life here, then spend more time researching and be ready.