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    If you are looking for the best California cities to live in with your family, you’ve come to the right place. California is one of America’s most famous states and for a good reason. Who wouldn’t want to grow up under the palm trees and great weather? However, within California, there are certain cities that stand out for young families. These cities are both affordable and family-friendly.

    Best California cities for young families

    Like we already mentioned, California is a great state, however, these cities are standing out when it comes to factors important for raising kids and living with family. Here’s a list of the best California cities for young families:

    • Tustin
    • Imperial
    • Santa Barbara
    • Moorpark
    • San Marino
    • Camarillo
    street and palm trees in one of the California cities
    California is one of the most popular states to live in and offers a lot of great things.

    Best California cities – Tustin

    There are many benefits of living in Tustin CA. The city has become a very popular location for a lot of people who wanted to move to California with their families. Tustin is home to a lot of great schools so you don’t have to worry about your kid’s education. It has a lot of greenery and parks which makes it perfect for a family picnic and other outdoor activities. The weather is also really great which makes it a perfect spot to raise a family. If you choose Tustin as a place to move, it’s best to ask professionals for assistance. They can help you with anything regarding the relocation process.

    Best California cities – Imperial

    This city has a growing community and it’s affordable. Its business sector is on the rise which means a great number of job opportunities. You will also find plenty of restaurants, stores, and a lot of other things you might need there. There are a number of good schools nearby, and you get to live only a few miles from Mexico! This is a great chance for you to plan a vacation!

    Best California cities – Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara is another great city you should reconsider. There is a lot to love here. You’ll be living right next to the beach and a very short drive from Los Angeles. You’ll also find a number of great schools where you can take your children to, and enjoy a plethora of family-friendly activities on the weekend! If you like this one, then all you have to do is start organizing the move!

    Palm trees on the street with parked cars
    Santa Barbara is another great city in California to consider.


    Moorpark is one of the most family-friendly communities in California. It’s home to highly rated schools so your kids will have a great education. The community has a lot of growing families, which means there are a lot of children around. Your kids will have an amazing opportunity to make new friends with all sorts of kids. This is also a reason why you’ll find many parks and beautiful nature where families go all the time. Moorpark is very safe, so this will make you feel pretty good about living here.

    San Marino

    One of the most beautiful communities near Pasadena is San Marino. The city is a bit more expensive compared to others, but you do get a lot for it. It is considered one of the safest areas in California, and the city also has some of the most respected schools for children. There are a lot of things to do for families. From nature reserves to art museums and beautiful gardens, you will never be bored. The job market is also good, offering plenty of good-paying jobs in this city, mostly in the software and engineering industries.


    Camarillo is another great little city in California that growing families should reconsider. There are a lot of interesting things here like the aquatic centers you’ll find around the city. This is a great place to spend with your kids and they can learn about sea life. The city is also home to the amazing 26 parks where you can enjoy family time together. Camarillo is pretty safe and quite diverse, which is one of the reasons you’ll find a lot of restaurants and other activities to enjoy.

    Moving to California

    Organizing the entire move is a very demanding task. Besides packing and finishing up everything else, you also have to organize and transfer your household belongings. Our best advice is to hire professionals and cross this task off your list of things to worry about. If you decide to accept this advice then you should work with people who know the place while focusing on other things you have to accomplish before the move. Moving things on your own could be dangerous for both you and your items so think about this.


    And the first place for most neglected task goes to packing! People tend to underestimate how important this part actually is. The way you pack is important because of so many reasons, one being the safety of your belongings. It’s not just about the packing materials, it is also about categorizing (breakable and nonbreakable, small and big items). In order to pack the right way and avoid any trouble during transport and unpacking, later on, you should do a research and find some tips on how to pack. This way, the packing will be an easy and stress-free experience!

    Family sitting on bed and packing
    Make sure to pack properly so you don’t experience any inconvenience during transport.

    Hiring professional assistance

    Relocation is hard and tiring. You already have so many things to worry about besides organizing the entire relocation. And, we know for a fact, that things will get chaotic. This is exactly why we sincerely suggest hiring professional movers like Family Affair Moving. Let them handle everything so you can focus on other things you have to do before the move!

    You are all set and ready to move to one of the best California cities

    Make sure to follow this guide and we are sure your relocation to one of the best California cities will go smoothly. Enjoy your new life in California!