5 Top Places to Live in Florida

Living in a state where is sunny almost every day of the year is the dream come true for many. If you’re relocating to Florida, you are one of the lucky ones. Waking up every day with the view on the ocean is a great way to start your day, but still, there are some other things to take into consideration. Like the fact that not every part of Florida can suit your needs. You need to think long and hard when choosing a new town to call home. This guide will show you the top places to live in Florida, which can help you to make a decision.

What are you looking for?

Before exploring the top places to live in Florida, you need to determine what features you seek. Do you want a vibrant city with amazing nightlife or the quiet place that’s near the beach? What are the amenities and activities that interest you?

All of that should  be in line with several basic features that one place needs to fulfill:

  • Affordability – The ideal place for you to move to is the one that you can afford. It’s simple as that, and you should never go over your moving budget. It’s better to sacrifice some of the features of the neighborhood that you want than to spend more money than you actually have. Always research the monthly living expenses. Make sure that you can afford to move to the place that you like.
  • Safety – It is important to feel safe in the new town that you’ll be living in. Of course, no city is 100% crime free. Still, there is a difference when you are moving to the famously bad part of town, and when you choose the one that has a low crime rate. The top places to live in Florida are very safe, which is their biggest advantage. Safety isn’t a feature that you want to ignore when choosing a new place to live in.
  • Unemployment rate – If you aren’t moving for a job, you will need to find employment in the new town. If the unemployment rate is high, that will mean that you may wait a long time to start working again. Luckily, the unemployment rate is low in this state, which is just one of the benefits of starting a business in Florida.

Is safety an issue in Florida?

If you were watching CSI: Miami, you can guess that there is a lot of crime in Florida. While this is a TV show, statistics show that it isn’t so far from the truth. The general crime rate in Florida is slightly lower than the national average, but that’s not the case in all area of this state.

Like any other big city in America, Miami is facing a higher crime rate in some of its neighborhoods. That’s why everybody assumes that Florida isn’t a very safe place to live in. Still, you will be facing the same dangerous like in any other metropolis like New York or Los Angeles.

Some of the top places to live in Florida have a very low crime rate, so maybe you should focus on them when moving to the Sunshine State. Just be careful – the moving scams are in the raise here. Hiring good, reputable and reliable movers like Moving Kings Van Lines FL is the wisest and safest way to relocate to Florida.

5 Top Places to Live in Florida

1. Oviedo

This huge suburb of Orlando has 13 neighborhoods in its borders. Availability of jobs in this part of the state is high, which means that you have no problem finding the employment after the move. There is a strong sense of community in this suburb, where people are very friendly and open to newcomers.

Its schools are first-rate, so if you’re moving with children to Florida, this place should be the first on your top places to live in Florida list. Exploring all the interesting amenities will help your kids to settle in more quickly.

Disneyland in Orlando, Florida

Disneyland is just a couple of miles away from Oviedo suburb.

Oviedo is the paradise for the ones that like the outdoors. There are so many interesting activities that you can participate in. Canoeing or hiking at the Little Big Econ State Forest, alligator-watching at Lake Jesup, strolling in the parks and walkable lakes or attending the local concert are just some of its vast entertainment options. Knowing that so many fun things await you will keep you excited and help you to cope with relocation stress.

2. Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach lies between Palm Beach and Miami. Its nickname is “The Heart of the Gold Coast”, so you can imagine how gorgeous it is. If your idea for relaxing after the work is laying on the beach than this can be a perfect new home for you. It is a unique mix of the holiday beach paradise gateway and a functional, vibrant city.

Besides beautiful beaches with every water activity that you can think off, Pompano Beach also has more than 50 local parks. Dining and bar scene is amazing, and there are many fun annual special events that you can visit. Don’t miss the seafood festival in April, fishing rodeo in May or holiday boat parade in December.

These are just some of many reasons why this city is one of the top places to live in Florida. After the first visit, you will be mesmerized with this fantastic town. If you think that this is the perfect place for you, just call your licensed moving professionals in Pompano Beach and make arrangments for your relocation.

Pompano Beach - one of the top places to live in Florida.

Moving in this part of the Sunshine State will certainly be a life-changing experience.

3. Valrico

Valrico is a suburb that lies 14 miles east of Tampa. It has strong economic growth, high safety, great amenities, and excellent public schools. It is essentially a hidden gem for families, but many young professionals are moving here also, because of its great features.

The state of Florida is maybe notorious because of its low safety, but that can’t be further from the truth in Valrico. The crime rate of this suburb is extremely low. Also, the median household income of Valrico is one of the highest in Florida. While median home value is on the very affordable side ($190,200).

4. Naples

In 2017, Naples has received a title of the Happiest and Healthiest City. Since its strikingly beautiful, with so many interesting amenities and high quality of life, it’s no wonder. While Naples is a city with high-end shopping and golf course galore, its still possible to find affordable housing. Truthfully, you will need a bigger income to keep up with the living costs. Still, it is so worth it because of all its benefits. Naples boasts with the outstanding school system and very low crime and unemployment rate.

Mansion in Naples, one of the top places to live in Florida.

Its white sand beaches, pedestrian-friendly downtown and abundant of entertainment options for all ages will make you love it on the first sight.

5. Weston

This small city in Broward County is definitely one of the top places to live in Florida. It is a highly desirable place for families! This is because its schools have impressive scores that are one of the highest in the country.

It’s isn’t lacking the amenities and fun activities. You will see it soon as you start exploring your new city since they are everywhere. There are multiple museums and historical sites to visit. Hanging out in the nature reserves or biking on the city’s 46 miles of bike trails will thrill every nature enthusiast. Furthermore, the unemployment rate in Weston is very low. While this city has a high cost of living, the high median household income can follow it nicely.


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