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    California used to be one of the best business-friendly states in the US. Many of the most renowned companies have their headquarters there, but it seems that they are changing locations. However, not all of them want to move entirely. Some of the companies want to tip their business toes in other states first. New Jersey is one of the most popular destinations for companies that want to move from Cali. And that is not a coincidence. While California is going down, states like NJ are growing. New Jersey is a rich state, which means that there are a lot of business opportunities. However, the wealth of the state is not the only reason why businesses are moving to NJ. Today, we are going to tackle the question of why should California business owners open a new branch office in New Jersey.

    There’s no doubt, NJ is a wealthy state

    New Jersey is certainly one of the richest states in the US. It has many business centers, and it is close to large commercial hubs, like New York.

    Open a new branch office in New Jersey so you can be close to NY.

    Also, the east coast is bigger in every aspect than the west coast, and Nj is one of the best states for business. The taxes are not that high, and it is cheaper to open a business than in states like NY. But, you have to see if NJ is the right state for you. It may not be cheap to open a new branch on the other side of the continental US. For that, you have to explore the market and your capabilities, and you definitely have to work with professionals.

    There are a lot of professionals in NJ

    There are professionals in NJ who can help you move your business once you decide to open a new branch office in New Jersey. Business moving is not easy, and finding someone who can securely move your items across the US is a process on its own.

    Also, you need to keep extra inventory safe and secure. As you may already know, many companies have a problem with available space. So, make sure that you find professional storage in NJ.

    It is becoming harder for businesses to stay afloat in California

    Have you noticed how businesses are starting to struggle in California? Taxes are among the highest in the US, which makes it hard for businesses and ordinary people to prosper in Cali. Moving experts from Gibraltar Van Lines noticed that there is an increase in people moving out of California. And that can be backed up by data.

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    New Jersey is a business-friendly state

    It is no wonder why people are starting their businesses in New Jersey. The local government has a policy of helping businesses and not stifle their growth with enormous taxes. Also, many start-ups are setting up their businesses in NJ intentionally. 

    So, why should California business owners open a new branch office in New Jersey? Because Nj is prosperous, taxes are moderate, local government cultivates businesses culture, and California has become overcrowded.