Is New Jersey the right choice for you?

Have you ever thought about living in New Jersey before? If you have, well what do you know about it? Is New Jersey the right choice for you? What is it about the Garden State that’s interesting and attractive to people? Let’s try to find out. It seems that NJ has always been in the shadows of New York. Always underestimated and usually not very well known. So, what are the living conditions in NJ and what is important to know about it if you want to live there?

NJ –  A City or A State

Well, NJ is definitely a state. Known as the Garden State, it is the 4th smallest state in the US with a very dense population od 9mil people. It’s bordering Philadelphia and New York and usually overlooked when talking about the east coast of the US. However, researching NJ can lead to some interesting facts that can make it very desirable to move and live in. New Jersey is currently experiencing an influx of people and families. In the last few years, the population has been increasing significantly. The benefits of living in New Jersey make it a viable living location for many looking to relocate. So what do you have to consider if you are looking at NJ for a new place to live or relocate your business to?

A view of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Explore some facts before you answer the question – is New Jersey the right choice for you?

Is New Jersey the right choice for you? – See what it is like and decide

NJ is a melting pot of different cultures, people, nationalities and is characteristic for its social diversity. It also offers a diversity of natural resources, heritage, and cultural institutions. It offers a diversity of cities and towns that can meet the demands of everyone, from college students to families. Some of its main characteristics are:

NJ is much slower and quieter than in New York City. It has its own kind of rush but is much more peaceful and inviting then bustling NY.

It is much more spacious than the neighboring NY. NJ offers peaceful suburbs and houses with gardens that provide much-needed space for families that is lacking in New York.

Many of the cities are family-friendly and offer great parks for kids, top-notch school programs and great summer camps. The state also offers a great academic life with both Princeton and Rutgers University stationed in Jersey.

Tree in blossom on a river bank that can make you think  - is New Jersey the right choice for you?

New Jersey offers diverse natural beauties

The state is conveniently located in the neighborhood of New York, Pennsylvania, and is on the Atlantic coast. It offers the opportunity of visiting Philadelphia or New York in a day and still returning to the peace and quiet in NJ. Also many choose to work in New York while still enjoying the perks of living in NJ. The location allows those living in Jersey to use different natural resources the state has to offer: you can be resting on the beach, go hiking or climbing mountains, kayak and spend a day in nature. NJ is home to Greenwood Gardens, a Great swamp national wildlife refuge, and a south mountain Reservation.

What is the right choice for you?

There are a lot of differences in New Jersey. It offers diversity, but what are NJ cities like and what do they have to offer? Some of the best cities to live in NJ are:

Hoboken is a thriving city developing from a worker’s town. It has become a point of interest for families with its small-town feel. It’s close to New York so it’s easy for those working there. Besides family atmosphere Hoboken has is a lot sophisticated with a number of art galleries situated there. s a lovely place for families.

Princeton is the capital of education in NJ. The town’s inhabitants are students and anyone moving to New Jersey for education will not make a mistake by moving to Princeton.

Morristown has a developed public school system and is completely family orientated. It is much quieter then NY but it also offers a dynamic nightlife as a counterbalance to family, homy lifestyle

Trenton is the capital of the Garden State. Its economy is declining but it is still a center of business in the state.

Montclair is known as a developing town that offers a great lifestyle and work opportunities. It offers a number of historical sites, great parks, art venues, and restaurants.

South Brunswick is a town of many job opportunities. It is experiencing economic growth and is interesting for families that are relocating there.

Pleasantville is a small town located in the neighborhood of Atlantic City. It’s interesting for the families that chose to live there and commute to work in AC.

Atlantic City from the air

The Garden State has its own flavor

Madison is a historic town that offers a number of historical sites and buildings. It also offers a number of private and public schools and high education institutions that make it interesting to families moving to NJ.

Moving to New Jersey

So now that you did your research and you decided on your perfect location in NJ, its time to move. Planing a move can be a nightmare and a stressful experience. A lot of planning and sleepless nights go into a move when you get to it. So how do you proceed?

  • Investigate, research and find info online
  • Make a detailed inventory of your belongings
  • Make a schedule
  • Shed weight get rid of things
  • Research online and hire a reliable moving company
  • Plan a date for the move.

Use the internet to gather important moving tips and advice from others. Real-life experiences and testimonies are the best way to avoid the mistakes others made. Even more importantly, research expert blogs and companies that give out advice and provide services. Many of them like offer a pallet of services you can choose from when moving to NJ.

Make an inventory of your stuff to keep track and not lose anything when you move. Make a detailed schedule to keep all of the activities on track and on time. Get rid of the stuff you don’t use or need. If you didn’t use some of your things in a year or even more than you can safely donate it, sell or just give away. Some things you may want to keep so try to find a storage place where you can keep your stuff in NJ. Hire a reliable moving company that is licensed and offers additional services like packing, insurance, etc. Plan a perfect date for the move because you can get a discount if you plan your move in the middle of the month since movers are usually overbooked at the end or at the beginning of the month.

What do you say – is New Jersey the right choice for you?

So, New Jersey seems to be the right place to live lately. The influx of people has never been greater. There are many reasons to move here so be sure to way them all out and make the right decision for you.

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