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    So, you’ve watched a ton of episodes of Man vs. Wild and fantasized about visiting all the places famous Bear has been to. One episode in particular drawn your attention. Maybe because of the former US president Barack Obama, or because you’re a passionate fisherman and a nature lover. Either way, you’ve thought of going fishing in Alaska and spending time in its soothing nature.

    The last frontier

    Moving to the land of mountains with white peaks, ice-cold rivers full of fish, and untouched nature. A perfect getaway from everyday crowd, noise, and hectic lifestyle in sunny California. Live at least one day in a famous Bear Grylls way.

    Alaska got this nickname based on its distance from the lower 48 states and due to its rocky landscape and climate. But though considered last, it is not the least. So what is so special about Alaska? Here are some interesting facts about it:

    It’s nature and landscapes

    Alaska’s home to the national parks bigger than some states, glaciers and mountains taller than skyscrapers, and more coastline than the rest of the states combined.

    • There are around 27,000 glaciers, which means that about 3% of Alaska is covered by them
    • Eight national parks are located in Alaska, with snowy mountains and diverse wildlife
    • There are more than 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes in Alaska! Also, it is the only state that has coastlines on three different seas: the Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

    Wildlife and fishing

    It is said that there are more caribous in the state than people. Alaska is home to numerous wildlife species, such as moose, bears, fur seals,  whales, bison, and puffins. When it comes to fishes, there are five different types of salmon, Pacific halibut and trouts. It’s no wonder that people from all over the world are going fishing in Alaska.

    The land of the Midnight Sun

    Also known as the Land of the Noonday Moon, due to the natural phenomenon that occurs in summer months, when the sun stays visible at midnight.

    Aurora Borealis

    Also known as the Northern Lights, it can be seen for 243 days a year in Fairbanks. Now that’s something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. And where better than here.

    Aurora Borealis at night over the woods
    Experience one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon

    Low population

    Alaska is the biggest state with the lowest population rate per square mile. To explain it closely, it would be as if only 16 people would live in Manhattan. Maybe because there isn’t a lot of people, they are very nice, kind and friendly, as in any small town. But that’s only considered a perk for wildlife enthusiasts since there is no crowd.

    Fishing in Alaska

    One thing is for sure: Once you get there, you’ll want to stay. Put that rushing Californian life on pause, and just enjoy the nature and silence. Though the cross-country moving may sound scary, it isn’t. Also, if you decide to stay here, there are companies that will organize every little thing. And then you’ll be left with only one problem – which city to pick.

    But, whichever city you choose, and may it be just for your vacation destination, you won’t regret it. But, if the main reason for your trip to Alaska is fishing, here are some things you should know.

    Whether you’re going on vacation, or you’re in for a long run, you are going to love it here. It’s every fisherman’s dream. As we mentioned before, there are lots of rivers if you are into freshwater fishing, and three different seas if you’re into saltwater fishing.

    A man fishing in Alaska
    Fishing is a way of living in Alaska

    There are a lot of lodges that offer organizing the best fishing and nature adventure. They ensure accommodation, usually all the necessary gear, and guides. No matter what type of fishing you prefer, whether it’s wading, drifting, casting, or plugging, your guide will make sure that you have the best experience.

    What to bring?

    Though most of the things are provided when you have an organized fishing route, there are some things that you have to bring with you:

    1. Fishing licenses

    The first and the most important thing you have to obtain are licenses. Whether it’s sport fishing, commercial fishing, or personal-use fishing, as a non-resident, you have to get it. The standard fishing license can be bought on-line in advance, based on the number of days you want to stay. Also, if you want to fish for king salmon, you need to get the king salmon stamp, which also can be bought on-line.

    1. Appropriate clothes

    Though it may seem irrelevant, clothes are very important. Usually, you spend the whole day outside, so make sure you bring everything that you need – insulated underwear and jacket, waterproof boots, socks and shirts, in case you need to change.

    1. Miscellaneous

    You may want to bring your camera with you because you’ll most surely want to take pictures, sunscreen and insect repellent, flashlights, and last but not least – ziplock bags, to keep your electronics safe and dry while fishing.

    A man holding a pen and writing a checklist for fishing in Alaska.
    Make sure to write down everything you need

    After all of that is ensured, yours is just to relax, connect with nature and enjoy the view.

    Alaska is waiting for you!

    As we said, you’ll surely want to spend the rest of your life there. Whether you have a family, or you’re young and looking for a new adventure, Alaska has something for everyone. Don’t bother yourself thinking that you can’t a-fjord it, since the unemployment rate is extremely low. Or that moving overstate is a nightmare instead of a dream come true.

    You simply moose come

    So pack your things, call your moving company and start your adventure. And one more thing before you get going: don’t forget to pack the documents that you’ll need once you come here, and a smile. The rest can wait. So sit down, open a cold one and enjoy. Your fishing in Alaska can begin. And not just for a few days in a season. You now can enjoy your hobby whenever you like. Cheers!