Things to know about a job relocation package

Moving because of a new job is very exciting and a good opportunity for your resume and career. When you get a new job, the next step is relocation. Moving your household items is stressful and emotional. Especially if you are moving with a family, then you have more work with transfer and transportation. By hiring a moving company, the process of items relocation will be much faster and simpler. But, what to do with the rest of the process? Many companies offer a job relocation package, which is very affordable and it is one of the solutions you should definitely consider.

Before you make that step, you must be informed. Be prepared and do research. Learn everything and you will avoid moving mistakes.

What is a job relocation package and what is included?

Most companies offer the same services with minor differences. The job relocation package includes many services that are essential when moving for a new job to a different city or state. One thing is for sure, you will cope with relocation stress easier when you have professional assistance. A company where you will work should help you relocate to their state/city.

Street sign

You have found your dream job, but now, there is a lot of things to finish

Finding a new home

The perfect solution for you is to have free housing for a month or two until you settle in and adjust to life in a new environment. Of course, if you are moving with a family, a home should be big enough for the whole family. Real estate commissions, renting, closing costs, it all should be part of a package.

A house for sale sign

A company should help you find a house where you will live (alone or with a family)

Job searching

Yes, you have a job, but what about your spouse/partner. Some employers will help your partner to find a job too. So, everyone will be happy. And also, life is easier when there are 2 persons working and earning money (in a financial way).


Moving from one place to another can be expensive, especially if it is a long-distance move and moving overseas. The package must include travel fees such as tickets (for gas, plane or train) and additional fees. You (or your employer) should book a trip at least a few weeks before the final moving day.


Housing and travel fees are not the only thing that needs to be included and paid. You are moving your household items too. Clothing, decorations, furniture, dishes, etc. For moving all the items, you will need to hire a moving company. Moving costs mostly depends on the distance and size of a move.

Moving process

Having the right moving company is one of the most important things when relocating

Packing and unpacking

A full-service moving company will not only transport your belongings but also they will pack and unpack moving boxes. This way you can focus on a new job. Don’t worry about items because movers are trained to pack your belongings. A package should include this service too.

Be sure to double-check

When you make arrangements for moving, you must be sure and to double-check everything. What is included in the package, what will the company pay, and are there any additional costs and fees you should pay. Read a contract with attention and negotiate if needed.

If you are moving away from family for a job, check how long it will take to bring them over there and how much it will cost you. Don’t leave anything to chance and organize your relocation ad relocation of your family completely.

How to prepare?

To be prepared for getting a job relocation package, you should know how to negotiate and make a good deal. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Ask questions, be open – ask a moving company what type of relocation they offer, about their experience, etc. If your new company doesn’t provide full service, ask what will they cover and pay.
  • Calculate the average costs of relocation an advance – if the company does provide a full job relocation package, they are familiar with the prices and process, of course. But, sometimes is your job to gove your employer all the information about moving costs and other details.
  • Have all in writing – make sure to have everything in writing, even the smallest detail. It is important for your employer, and for you too. If some receipt is missing, your employer will not cover that expense.
Contract for the job relocation package

Read all documents and contacts and make sure to double-check them

Hiring a company to help you move for a job

You can hire a moving company and the other company where you will work can pay for the service. You need to send copies of the contract with a moving company you hired and all other documents and receipts they need. To find a reliable company to help you relocate stress-free, first, search online on and ask co-workers for recommendations. Choose a company with a license, insurance, and experience. The last thing you want is damaged items, delays, scams, etc.


And know when you do have all the most important things to know about the job relocation package, you can choose wisely and be sure and calm. Negotiate with a company, get the best deal and relocate successfully. Having a guide to prepare yourself is very helpful. Knowing what to expect is essential especially if you are in this situation for the first time. So, start immediately with organizing when you get a new job offer.


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