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    It isn’t an exaggeration to say that, for artists, moving to a new city is fairly difficult. Leaving behind the community and reputation you built in one place can be terrifying. However, moving comes with it’s own benefits. Specifically, moving to a city with a larger artist community can bring a lot of good to your career. But, before you decide to leave for NYC, there are some things you should probably know. To this end we have put together a special guide for Californian artists who want to try their luck in NYC.

    Finding housing

    Finding a place to stay in NYC isn’t cheap. And any artist moving to a new city will tell you that funds are going to be your biggest issue until you get going again. So, when trying to find housing in NYC, consider looking at the boroughs and cheaper neighborhoods. While most places in NYC are expensive, certain boroughs and neighborhoods offer much better prices for those willing to look. Also, you should do your best to use moving hacks to save money. After all, the higher your initial budget is the easier it will be to get settled into your new place. To name some examples of cheaper neighborhoods: Parkchester, Port Ivory and Hammels are good places to look.

    Aerial view of NYC
    Trying to find housing in one of the cheaper neighborhoods is a good idea.

    Fitting into a new community

    By far the hardest part of moving from California to NYC is going to be finding your spot in the new community. Always remember: in order to fit into a new art scene, new arrivals have to acknowledge and respect its history. Instead of limiting your interactions with the new community to your phone, take the chance to do it in person. Go to gallery openings or shows and talk to people. Try to meet other artists face to face and build connections. After all, you will have more in common with them than most people. And keep in mind that artists in the new community will likely expect new arrivals, and it is in their best interest to meet new people as well.

    NYC parks

    After a long day of working on a new piece, you might find yourself wanting to get some fresh air. Fortunately, NYC has quite a bit of greenery to offer, besides being known as the concrete jungle. So, when trying to find some new inspiration or struggling with an art block, take your time to walk around and explore the city. Why? Well, besides the famous parks like Central Park, for example, there are many beautiful parks in unexpected metropolitan areas. Of course, if you don’t feel like exploring, there are also Bryant Park, Prospect Park and Washington Square Park to visit. But, remember, there are also other ways to make your home office more productive.

    park with trees
    NYC’s beautiful parks are a great way to combat art blocks.

    Volunteer in the community

    One simple tip on the special guide for Californian artists: do volunteer work in the artist community. Helping out by manning the door at events, or helping put up pieces at a gallery maybe teach at a workshop. There are both helpful and constructive ways to help out the community and meet new people. By doing this, not only do you get in contact with venues, you can also meet other artists and get your name out. Additionally, volunteering is a great way to find inspiration or take the chance to learn from other artists.

    Storing your art

    A very simple tip for any artist is to quickly find a storage unit for your art. Living in NYC, you might be forced to settle for a smaller apartment due to how expensive they can be. Because of this, you want a safe place to store your art until it is needed, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your apartment. Constantly bumping into art pieces can be very annoying. So, it’s best to find a secure unit to keep your artwork safely out of the way until it’s displayed.

    interior of art gallery
    Having a safe place to store your art is very beneficial.

    Attend workshops and classes

    Freelance artists in NYC often tend to hold workshops in their studios. This is a great opportunity to meet other artists while also expanding your own knowledge. A lot of artists typically offer this at either a low price, or completely free of charge. Learning new skills and honing your old ones this way is a good way to raise your self-esteem and confidence as well.

    Transferring your art

    This special guide for Californian artists moving to NYC wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention how you should move your art pieces. It is important to keep in mind that art pieces are incredibly fragile, and they can be damaged very easily in transport. The more valuable the piece, the more important it is to take necessary preparations for relocation. Pack your art carefully, and hire experienced professionals to do all of the heavy lifting.

    Stay positive

    Just saying “stay positive” isn’t enough to cut it, we know. But, it is incredibly important not to get discouraged when trying to break through in a new community. It can take a lot of time to build your reputation in the new city, yes. This can weigh heavily on you and you might get discouraged, but try not to think of the negatives too much. Instead, try to meet with other artists and share your feelings. Everyone will have experienced the same thing as you, and they will be able to help you keep going.

    Moving to NYC

    Before you can start your new career in NYC, you will first have to move there, of course. We always recommend trying to hire local movers to help you move in. Local movers will know how to handle the streets and traffic of NYC, and they will make sure that your belongings arrive safe and on time. It should be noted, however, that experts from Divine Moving and Storage recommend making your moving preparations well ahead of time.

    Closing thoughts

    Moving your art career to a new city can be incredibly terrifying. But, it is important to remember the benefits which come with your relocation as well. We hope you found this special guide for Californian artists who want to try their luck in NYC helpful, and we wish you luck.