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    Working from home brings many benefits. It reduces travel time and helps you save money on gas and meals. Plus, you have the comfort of working in your pajamas. Actually, working from home can result in higher productivity. And, surely helps you achieve that difficult work-life balance. But, there can be distractions, though. That’s why you need to know some tricks to make your home office more productive. 

    What can put you in a productive mood?

    This is the central question in defining your workspace. Maybe being reminded of your goals is enough to get you going. If that’s the case., find a way to remind yourself of the reason you do this work each day. Maybe bare minimalism puts you in the right mindset. So, find some simple ways to organize your home office.  

    Motivation - One of the best tricks to make your home office more productive
    Find out what put you in a productive mood for you.

    The key is to identify the things that trigger a productive mood for you. Then, you’ll have a hard time improving your workspace on anything more than a cosmetic level. Work on this, and get it right. Now, let’s go to the tricks to make your home office more productive.  

    Listen to music

    You should learn how to create a good work atmosphere. Make a specific playlist for different kinds of work and concentration levels. Listening to music while working gives you a boost in productivity. But, also in creativity and memory retention. So, if you need to chew away at some menial work, play something upbeat. But, if you need to brainstorm and be creative, use relaxing music. 

    Tricks to make your home office more productive – Keep a distraction handy

     It’s great to have distractions nearby. Because you’re going to need brain breaks for adults once in a while. Doing something for fun can help you clear your brain. Then, you can have a fresh start when you return to work. It can be a book, or a game app on your phone, or a favorite musical instrument. The decision is yours. Keep it handy, so you can reward yourself with short breaks. But, tuck it out of sight while you work. You don’t want to end up spending more time distracted and playing than working. 

    Have a way to quickly catch an idea

    How many times you have a great idea, and by the time you can document it, you completely lost it. That’s why you have to make sure you can get it down immediately. Like straight away. Your home office is a place where you most likely produce new ideas. So, not having an instantly accessible idea receptacle is absolute stupidity.

    Tricks to make your home office more productive – Get comfortable

    When working from home, you must get comfortable. Because it’s hard to be a focused, productive person when you’re constantly trying to see your computer screen, for example. So, invest in a good office chair and learn how to sit at a computer. You can even try a standing desk in one corner of the room if you get uncomfortable sitting too long. Also, little things like an anti-glare screen for your computer can up your comfort level. They can allow you to focus on getting your work done.

    Home Office Couch
    One of the tricks to make your home office more productive is to be comfortable.

    Get a plant

    Get a plant because that is one of the tricks to make your home office more productive. They aren’t only aesthetically pleasing. Plants turn the nasty gases you create throughout the day into the oxygen. However, if your office is next to a garden or a few trees keeping the blinds open, that’s a cheap and effective alternative.

    Lighting and color

    The wall color in a room can influence your mood. So, use a color that puts you in a relaxed, productive mood and paint it. One room ain’t that expensive. But, in case you rent, ask first. Remember that a good home office allows plenty of natural light in, without getting it directly on your screen. So, consider how you can arrange that.


    This trick is very important, even if you are anti-minimalist. Of course, you can still keep plenty of stuff around. Because clutter here is distracting material, including mess. There is nothing worse for your mental state than living and operating in a mess. You can expect laziness, crankiness, and a particular level of apathy while working in clutter.

    So, put away everything you don’t use daily. You can even consider renting a storage unit for business. Also, anything you don’t use should be tossed straight in the bin. However, if you’re not averse to minimalism, take decluttering to the extreme. that means you should keep only the bare essentials around your workspace.

    Take eye breaks

    This may sound small, but it can make such a big difference. It can be hard to remember to do it regularly. But, make a real effort when it comes to this and see how it works for you. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye struggle. Stop looking at your screen, every twenty minutes. Instead, stare at something 20 yards away, hold it for 20 seconds. Peepers will thank you.

    Work with purpose

    Work with purpose because that’s one of the tricks to make your home office more productive. Create a list of tasks you need to complete every day. Then, do it. Ensure that everything you need to get your work done is available to you. Whether in your office or on the computer. Also, cross items off the list as you go.

    Office Work Desk
    Work with purpose.

    Get tough with distracting people

    Some people in your life that, no matter how hard you try to remind them gently, just don’t get it. They don’t understand that working from home still means working. Let people know your work hours and that you are unavailable. Then there’s no need to apologize for being unavailable. Set your boundaries because no one’s going to do it for you.

    Get out 

    Another way to improve your home office is to leave it once in a while. You’ll benefit from getting out of the house. You’ll clear your brain and do something fun. then, you can come back to your home office with even more focus. Good luck!