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Make your San Diego relocation a success with the guidance of professional packing, moving, and storage tips!

    Are you moving your office to a new location – even if you are not moving a big business, it also requires preparation and a good organization. To have a successful small office move, you will need a simple guide to follow. Luckily we have tips that will help you.

    Tips for organizing a small office move

    If you need to move a home office, start with preparing in advance. If you want to expand your small business or to move it to a new location, take these steps and you won’t lose your productivity when moving.

    A man planning a small office move.
    Organize your office relocation and don’t lose productivity during the relocation process

    Find a new office space

    Of course, the first step is to find a new office for your business. If you will work from home, then make sure to choose a house that has an extra room for your office. For some businesses, location is the most important factor. If the location is not playing a role in your business, then don’t spend more money on rent than needed because rent in the city center is higher.

    Create a timeline

    Make a deadline for your office relocation and stick with it. Moving your office is not the same as moving your house, because your business depends on that and you have clients that are waiting. The good news is that moving a small office won’t take you too much time to pack it. Create a timeline for packing and moving but be realistic.

    Calculating costs of a small office move.
    Calculate the costs of office relocation and set your budget and also create a time frame

    Plan every step in advance and if you need help, organize it too. During moving, reschedule your meetings and interviews or finish them before moving.

    Notify your clients and suppliers about relocation

    Notify all your clients and customers that you are moving your office. Do it a couple of weeks before the final moving day. Send them an e-mail or call them. You want to keep all your clients (and to get new ones too), especially if you are moving within the same city. If you have an employee(s), you can assign them to contact people.

    Hire a moving company

    Even when you are moving a small office, hiring a moving company is essential. This way you can focus on other things that are involved with moving. Such as collecting all permits, renovating and decorating a new office, working on marketing, etc. Bear in mind that finding reliable movers in your area is a perfect way to pack and move all the office supplies and equipment fast and safely.

    Update your contact information

    Because you are changing the address of your office, you need to update your contact information online too, so clients know how to contact and find you. Update your website, information on social media profiles, business cards, etc. Do it before the final moving day. This is necessary for a big and small office move too.