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    An increasing number of people choose to work from home nowadays. The advantages are numerous for both employers and employees. Not having to pay for office space and commuting expenses is what employers like the most about this arrangement. Meanwhile, the employees are freed from the hassle of traveling to and from work, and they get to choose the environment to work from. However convenient that might be, when the time comes for you to move from home, you have two relocations to organize. Here are some tips on how to move a home office that you might find useful.

    When you have to move a home office, make a plan and stick to it

    Moving can rarely be a joyful experience, but there are ways we can make it less stressful for us and people we live and work with. Everything is easier when you know what to expect and when you have a plan. Relocation is a project and you are a manager responsible for it. There are some decisions that you have to make right away, and some can be made as you go. The timeline looks something like this:

    • Set the date for your home office relocation and find movers to help you
    • Clear the clutter
    • Provide packing materials
    • Pack your home office for relocation
    • Mark and label the boxes
    • Make an inventory list
    • Move and unpack
    a person preparing to write a plan on how to move a home office
    A plan is always necessary when moving a home office.

    Set the date for your relocation and find movers to help you

    If you need to move your home office on a budget, you should be flexible about your moving date. Bear in mind that you will pay much less for the moving services if you choose a workday in the middle of a month. Weekends are by rule the most expensive for relocation and so are the first and last days of any month.

    Ask your friends or colleagues to recommend a moving company that can help you relocate your home office. Or, you can search online, but be careful. There are many fraudulent movers out there that you can be a victim of. Make a list of three to five movers that seem reliable to you and start calling. Have a list of questions prepared. Don’t forget to ask which services are included in the quote they give you. And always insist on signing a contract. One more tip for you is never to hire a moving company that doesn’t have insurance.

    Minimize the number of items before packing your home office

    We all tend to keep some things that we do not actually use and moving is the time for getting rid of those. Before you start packing everything from your new office, take a look at every item you have in there and ask yourself: Do I need this? Will I be using this in my new home office? Office moving is the time when you have to be practical, not sentimental. You need to decide how your new office is going to look like. If the furniture you have at the moment is not going to fit, don’t bother moving it. Bear in mind that the fewer items you have, the more affordable your relocation is going to be.

    Provide packing materials to move a home office safely

    The choice of moving supplies depends on the items that you are packing. If you are moving your documents only, then some cardboard boxes and tape will do the job. But if you are moving some electronics such as your computer, printer or any other electrical device that you have in your home office, you will have to be more cautious and prepare some other type of moving materials too. You will need the original boxes, or at least some stronger ones. Prepare some sort of soft padding or a blanket to protect your sensitive possessions.

    Several disassembled and one assembled box
    Provide enough packing materials for moving your home office

    Pack your home office for relocation

    The way you organize your packing is going to influence how you unpack into a new office. So, don’t just randomly put things in boxes and think that you will deal with them later. Take your time to do it properly now, and you will unpack in no time. Set certain criteria for organizing your documents and only then should you start packing those. If there are some items that you will still need to use by the last day in your old home office, then they deserve some room in your box of essentials. Pack your stationery in there too.

    When it comes to packing your electronics, you probably know that every piece of your equipment needs to be properly protected. Do not pack more devices in a single box because thus they can easily get damaged during transport. Always put some sort of soft padding material at the bottom of the box and wrap every piece of electronics you are moving before putting it into a box. Use some foam peanuts (also known as packing peanuts) for extra protection.

    Mark the boxes

    Don’t be too lazy to mark the boxes as you are packing for your home office relocation. It will only take you a few seconds to do so, but it can be quite helpful later on. You should also make an inventory list so that you can check whether something is missing.

    Transport and unpacking

    Loading and transport are the things that are better left to the professionals when you need to move a home office. But if you opted for moving with your own car, be careful not to get injured on a moving day since that happens often. Don’t forget to clean your new home office before you start unpacking. Since your boxes are properly labeled you will know exactly where everything is and you will unpack easily.

    A home office desk with a laptop on (a photo of a child on screen), a notebook and stationery on a desk
    You will unpack your home office easily if you organize you label the boxes.

    Enjoy decorating your new home office

    There are some aspects that you have to consider when you move a home office. Make sure that you have enough light in the room or install some more lighting fixtures. Don’t forget to get some plants for your office too. Setting up a new home office is a great time for you to redecorate. Enjoy it!