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    So, you’ve decided to travel over 2,000 miles North-West and arrange for a San Diego to Chicago family move? Well, there is always the issue of when to start planning a move like this in addition to packing in the most effective way possible. Precisely because you are thinking or worrying about packing, we offer you some simple packing hacks for your upcoming family move.

    How to start packing for a San Diego to Chicago family move

    The first thing to do when you start packing is to figure out how much of your stuff needs to be moved. For this, you will have to go into each room and observe and note everything that has to be moved. By doing that, you will be able to get an estimate from a moving company found on Experts will come, take a thorough look at all the stuff that has to be moved and you will receive a notice about the expected cost.

    Conserving space is important for a San Diego to Chicago family move.
    Think about conserving space!

    Secondly, you need to think about conserving space. Conserving space while moving is very important. One way you can do this is to group certain items. For example, you can use toilet paper rolls to pack your cords. After you packed them, use an old shoebox to store all of them. Additionally, since you want to have as little stress as possible, you can store nearly an entire wardrobe in one or two bags. Let’s see how.

    Wardrobe packing hacks

    When packing your wardrobe, there is always the possibility that you will eventually run out of space. That’s why you shouldn’t just blindly throw every piece of clothing into your bag. Also, you shouldn’t fold your clothes conventionally. Rather, roll everything to conserve space. The way you want to do this is by laying out a shirt, then laying a folded pair of pants on top, and then laying a pair of underwear on top of everything.

    After you do that, fold the shirt to make a relatively narrow line and then lay socks on top of it so that the opening faces outwards. Lastly, roll everything tightly and then pull the sock-opening across it. That’s one way to conserve a lot of space. Consequently, if you don’t have many clothing items, you’ll be able to pack your entire wardrobe in one bag.

    Packing a wardrobe can be tough when organizing a San Diego to Chicago family move.
    Packing a wardrobe can be tough, but you will pack smart.

    On the contrary, if you still have issues with space, there are two ways to overcome them. The first way is to store everything. By doing this you will be able to keep extra items in a safe place in Chicago and access them whenever you need them. The second way is to downsize by selling or giving away excess belongings. Of course, this has the downside of you not being able to access a certain item that you sold unless you buy it again.

    Packing other items

    We’ve mentioned cords and wardrobes, but that’s not everything, right? For example, jewelry packing can be a bit tricky. That is why you should use smaller caskets or ZipLock bags. Additionally, things like cutlery and dishes should be packed separately and very diligently. Use packing paper to avoid breaking them. Lastly, pack furniture and appliances last for your San Diego to Chicago family move. That way the heavy stuff will be unloaded first.