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    So, you have decided to move? You weighed all your options, found a great new home, and now it’s time to pack. Packing like a pro is not hard and there are simple tips and tricks to help you out with that. One of the things you will are going to pack is jewelry. That is why you should follow these jewelry packing tips to make it safer and easier to transport.

    Tips for packing bracelets and watches

    One of the biggest worries when it comes to bracelets can be damaging and tangling (depending on the type of bracelet). One of the great ways to prevent that is to roll your bracelets around empty rolls of toilet paper. Fix them tightly and then roll the whole structure into bubble wrap or toilet paper and put it in a smaller zippy bag.

    Jewelry packing doesn't have to be a problem if you know how.
    Packing bracelets is very similar to packing watches.

    Jewelry packing includes watches, therefore you have to think about them too. The great thing is that you can apply the same principle you used for bracelets to watches also. After you put your packed watches in a small zippy bag, you can then get a larger one. Pack the two smaller ones together so you know where they are. That way you can keep everything neatly organized.

    Packing necklaces can be tricky

    As with the aforementioned bracelets, necklaces can be very tricky to pack. That is why jewelry packing tips can come in handy. Necklaces are beautiful and they can get very expensive. That is the reason why you need to take extra care when moving high-value items like this.

    Packing necklaces is not always easy.
    Necklaces can come in different shapes and sizes, you need to take extra care of them.

    The best way to pack necklaces would include a toilet paper roll. Again. This time though you unclasp the necklace and then thread it through the roll. Afterward, you clasp it, and voila – you packed one necklace.

    Using this method you will be able to pack multiple necklaces on one roll. The exact number will however depend on the thickness of the specific piece of jewelry that you want to pack.

    Packing rings and earrings

    When it comes to jewelry packing, rings and earrings can be a real pest to pack properly. They are small, inconspicuous, and really fragile. Of course, there are ways you can protect fragile items during the moving process.

    Earlier, zippy bags were mentioned. When it comes to rings and earrings, a better option would be to use smaller caskets. There is no wonder that caskets were a popular choice for packing and storing jewelry, since antiquity.

    The best jewelry packing tip for rings and earrings is to group them together. Pair earrings and group them with similar ones. This is the best way to keep track which ones are for casual combinations and which ones are for more formal occasions. The same rule applies to rings.

    Caskets are a great and reusable option for jewelry packing and storing

    The history of caskets is fascinating. But that is not the only reason why you should use them. They are both affordable and reusable. Also, they make for beautiful decorations and offer a lot of space to store your jewelry.