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    New York City is an attractive destination for both tourists and long-term residents. However, given the fact that NYC has a unique vibe and requires a certain lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult to decide to move there. One thing is for sure – it is a city of differences. There are so many different people, cultures, languages present in the city, one may find himself lost at times. There are so many millionaires, yet you can find a lot of homeless on the streets of NYC. A meal can cost you from 1$ to a couple of hundreds. So, if you consider moving here, you may wonder if you are able to be a part of the 8.6 million people’s team and have a great life in NYC. Well, the decision depends on you. Luckily, we are there to help you reach the answer to the hot question – should you move to NYC?

    Things you should know before you  move to NYC

    Before you make the decision and move to NYC, there are some things you should be aware of. You should learn about what it’s like to live in NYC and see if it suits your lifestyle. This is particularly important if you come from an environment far different than NYC. Here are the things you should be aware of.

    choosing the right neighborhood is essential

    Picking a neighborhood will shape your lifestyle and make you love or hate living in NYC. That’s why you should give it some thought and research NYC neighborhoods so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Think about your priorities and the things you are looking for in NYC. An exciting job opportunity, family-friendly area, nightlife center, etc. Whatever is the case, be sure to pick a neighborhood that suits your needs and gives you a quality lifestyle you deserve. Of course, we all know about the popular spots in NYC – however, are those right for you?

    A bicycle in front of one of the buildings in a NYC neighborhood.
    If you decide to move to NYC, be sure to pick a neighborhood according to your needs and lifestyle.

    Don’t base your search on the stereotypes

    New York has been the location of too many tv shows, films, and books that are popular worldwide. That fact has created certain stereotypes about living there and is not helping the people who want to move to NYC. The examples are many – New Yorkers walk too fast, it’s always too busy, people are rude and impatient, they hate tourists, etc. However, NYC is much more than this. It is a city of opportunities and of amazing people – so most of these stereotypes are wrong. That’s why if you plan on moving to NYC, don’t base your search on what the pop culture says.

    NYC is alive all the time

    One of the things you should get used to if you move to NYC is the fact that it is a city that truly never sleeps. Bars, restaurants, traffic – it’s happening all the time. This has both a negative and positive side – however, one of the best is that you can get food any time in the night!

    A traffic jam, which is a normal thing after you move to NYC.
    If you move to NYC, you have to accept the fact it’s noisy and fast – all the time!

    It’s full of opportunities – for the most part

    The good thing about moving to NYC is that it gives a lot of exciting career opportunities to many. The unemployment rate is quite low and the personal income is quite high. However, the situation is good for only some of its residents. Even though it is one of the cultural and financial centers in the country, it’s also home to many poor, homeless people. The difference between rich and poor is getting bigger each year and many New Yorkers are complaining about it.

    Once you decide on your relocation to NYC, be sure to find someone professional to help you out. Hiring experienced local mover like DA Moving NYC will be extremely helpful to those coming to NYC for the first time. You’ll get a fast and safe NYC relocation that will save you a lot of time and reduce the moving stress to a minimum.

    Should you move to NYC?

    Well, it’s only up to you. You need to ask yourself about your life priorities and decide if you are ready to become a New Yorker. We can help by giving some advantages and disadvantages of living in New York.

    Things that will bother you if you move to NYC

    Here are some main disadvantages of living in New York you should consider:

    • You’ll spend more money on rent and have a smaller place to live – Rents and property costs in NYC are high. So, if you are looking for more space at a lower price, look somewhere else.
    • Traffic can be crazy – With so many people living there, it’s logical to have traffic jams most of the time. If you are not able to get used to the noisy streets and longer commutes – NYC is not for you.
    • Cold winters – NYC winters can be extremely cold and compared to hot and humid summers.
    • You need to live fast – A city that never sleeps runs fast, too. Even though it can be exciting, those who like relaxed and slow weekends will not like it.
    Nyc streets under snow.
    Yes, winters can be too cold in NYC, but also there are so many reasons to love romantic NYC streets under the snow.

    Why you’ll love NYC

    There are so many reasons to love New York. Here are some of them you should definitely consider if you plan on moving there:

    • The city’s energy will drive you – If you are all about exciting days and modern, fast-paced life, you’ll definitely find NYC the best. Something is always happening and you can never be bored in this city!
    • It’s diverse – You don’t need to worry about moving from a completely different environment. NYC welcomes everybody and they all operate together so well!
    • Its landmarks will be so close – If you enjoy exploring the city, you’ll have more than enough things to do in NYC, including some of the worldwide famous landmarks.
    • It’s easy to get…well, everything – NYC is known to be a very convenient city. As it’s living 24/7, you can get anything you need anytime! A late dinner, an early cosmetic treatment – you name it.