San Diego commercial moving preparation steps

Progress is always good, especially for young and inspiring startup companies. And change is never easy, and especially when that change includes relocating your company to a different city. However, once you take care of the major tasks such as finding an expert commercial mover, finding new office space and letting your employees know etc…everything becomes much easier. So hopefully once you’ve done all this, you can get into these basic San Diego commercial moving preparation steps. They might just help make a smooth transition for both you and the rest of your company.

San Diego commercial moving preparation guidelines.

In order for a company to grow, it has to expand, and sometimes that involves relocation to bigger and better offices.

Commercial moving preparation leads to updating your company brand and logo

You can’t move to a new city like San Diego and still keep the old brand and address. This is why you need to order new promotional material such as pens, water bottles, flash drives, signage etc.

But this is just the beginning. Next thing you should do is make a new signature and group email all your business contacts, just to keep them in the loop about your commercial moving preparation and where it’s headed.

And finally, make sure that other information sources are aware and updated on the relocation of your business. Google, the Yellow Pages, business forums and chat rooms…make sure they all know your new whereabouts. The goal here is to make sure the brand is as visible as possible (even more than before).

Research the new San Diego market

This is the first thing that you should do, why relocate to a location where your services aren’t required? Take a look at any competitors operating in your new location, what are their strengths and weaknesses. When you have a better understanding of the local market, you will be in a much better position to make a decision.

Scoring some new clients as part of your commercial moving preparation process

The business portals and sites are not the only ones you want to keep in the loop. If you are a fast growing and customer-oriented business, they need to be made aware as well. This will not only give you the chance to keep your current customer base, but to also win over some new clientele. And you can do this in several ways:

Business-client communication is key during commercial moving preparation.

Equip your customers with various ways of reaching out.


  • Group email – being the easiest mass source of information for all those subscribed or included in your customer database,
  • Personal letters – which are then to be sent to physical addresses of the customers, giving out a more personal approach,
  • Open house/office – organizing social events to give your clients the chance to get familiar with your new offices. This shows true customer care and how much you would value them staying with the company while getting some new faces in.

Physical commercial moving preparation

The hardest part of moving offices is the actual physical move.

“I have been in this office since the beginning and have amassed quite the collection of “trinkets”. How do I put all that behind and move on?”

It’s never easy, that much is sure. But once you actually start shredding paperwork and clearing your old desk, it all starts going for the better. And don’t forget to backup all information and data you have.

Also, get quotes from several professional commercial movers. They all vary in what they offer, so by getting quotes you can make sure that you avoid being scammed or overcharged.

In terms of furniture, not everything has to be relocated. Weigh the options of moving versus buying a new stuff. Don’t forget that new furniture, computers, and other items can be included in a relocation tax deduction. After all, this is the perfect chance re-think your new office space and company look.

Consider your new office design

A new office location screams for a new design, but the goal is not to overspend your budget. It is a limited budget after all. Now, think hard on the businesses you deal with and the offices they have – consider how they make you feel. Then start brainstorming about your own office space and what you wan from it.

Consider your new office design as part of your brand new company beginning.

A well designed office can not only help employees feel at home, but can also attract new clients.


Consider reaching out and finding a professional interior designer to help you realize your plan and ideas. They have the necessary professional insight into what size, style and usability you need in your new office space. At the very least, the designer might point you in the right direction by offering theme options to choose from.

Make sure that all the paperwork needed for the commercial moving preparation is in order

You will remember that you filed your “articles of incorporation” document when you started your business originally. Among other information, there is the company address noted there. Your new address needs to be updated or re-filed in your LLC or incorporation paperwork.

Taxes taxes taxes. Never forget to pay the ferryman, or in this case the government. So you need  to update your address with the IRS (Form 8822-B), State and payroll company. To change your address with the post office, you can do this online with USPS for a minimal.

Make certain that all new systems are up & running

Phone systems are more than just the phones themselves – they play a much bigger role. Basically, with the old systems, you had a panel without which the phones were dead. However, you can now sign up for one of the new phone system which operates using the Internet. In comparison with the old one, it’s miles ahead. And you end up saving a whole lot of money on phone bills.

Moving on, we come to the computers. Which ones are worth being included in the commercial moving preparation and which are not? Well, best choice would be re-selling all those over five years old. The rest can stay for a while longer.

You may find an IT company that is happy to hook up your new computers, but most technicians do not run cabling. Ask your IT company if they will be able to run the wires for the new systems going into the office or if you need a separate contractor. Alert your credit card terminal system company by updating your W-9 to reflect your new address. You don’t want any confusion when it comes to getting paid or incorrect tax documents.

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