How to choose the best office space in San Diego

June 1, 2017

When moving your business, there are a number of problematic topics which you face. However, one of the most common one is choosing the best office space for your next 

If you're moving your business to San Diego, you're sure to find the perfect office space for your business!

Congratulations on deciding to move your business to San Diego!

place of work. So, with this post, we’re hoping to help you out with this small head-scratcher. First and foremost, we’re glad that you’ve chosen to move your offices to San Diego! After all, this beautiful city is a bustling hive of business. It hosts more than 4000 of them in the Downtown area, without even mentioning the galleries or museums. However, before we get more into the topic of the city itself, let us give you some pointers on how to choose the best office space in San Diego.

If you want to pick the best space for your business, check out the location first

The place where your business is going to be is pretty important, don’t you think? Even if you own a shop which has only online work, this is still important for you. After all, you will have your employees coming in and out of the office and working there all day. So, whether it is your customers or your workers, you ought to consider them the clients when picking the best office space in San Diego. So, here are a few pointers:

One of the most important things when choosing the best offices for your business is safety. After all, you, your employees and your clients will be spending some time in them. In order to have your employees motivated and working hard, you should have them feeling comfortable at the workplace. While we’re on the topic of comfort, be sure to check the transportation routes to the office space. The perfect office space in San Diego should be well-connected. It will allow for your employees to reach their workplace in a convenient manner.

  • After checking out the buses, see about the local food hotspots, too

Your employees won’t be only working at this new office space in San Diego. In fact, if you want to choose the best offices for your business, be sure to check out the local food and drinks. You employees will need a good place for their lunch break, after all. Not only that, but a nice restaurant is always a good place to seal a business deal in. Luckily, you are looking for your perfect office space in San Diego. The city has a variety of food spots, from fancy restaurants to small bistros. Not only that, but there is a large variety of lunch options available. If you are looking to pick the best office space in San Diego, be sure that it’s both near a pizza place and a burger place. Considering the downtown of the city, you won’t have too much trouble meeting this condition.

When choosing the perfect office space for your company in San Diego, ask about the building

If you want to choose the best office space in San Diego, you need to pick a great building. You and your employees will be working here for a while, yes? Then, this should be a safe, well-built space. Also, a good thing to look for when choosing the office space in San Diego are car parks. If this is an ideal building which you’ve found, but has no car space, it’s no good. Parking can get expensive if you’re leaving the car for the duration of the work hours. And then multiply that by five days a week. All in all, let us give you a simple checklist for choosing the best office space in San Diego:

  • Make sure that the offices are secure (check the security, break-in history, etc.)
  • A great building for office space should have great customer service (the receptionist/security at the entrance should be polite and informative)
  • The building should be well-organized (a talk with the manager of the building and the other tenants will give you this information)
  • Check if there is parking and bike storage available
  • Ask about the future of the building (if there is any construction planned, this will be a good thing to consider before renting the office space)

Finally, let’s talk about the office space itself

Choosing the perfect office space for your business is tricky, no matter the city. However, before we get to the technical part of the choice, let us give you a personal pointer. When picking the perfect office space in San Diego, consider your own comfort. If you like the offices, you are likely to feel motivated and comfortable while working in them later on. So, be sure to calculate this into your decision, too. Now, here are some useful questions:

  • How much space is there? (not just the square footage, but space in general)
  • Will they allow you to decorate?

  • How are the acoustics in the space? (noise is the most common workplace complaint, so be sure that it won’t be a problem in your office space in San Diego)
  • When choosing the best office space in San Diego, thing of the future of your business.

    In order to choose the best office space in San Diego, be sure to think of the future of your business.

    Does the space fit the image of your company? (there are plenty of choices in the city, you’ll surely find one which suits your business)

  • Is the layout good for your kind of work?
  • Is it too expensive? (An average monthly rent is about $2401 in San Diego; square footage and amenities will impact the price)
  • Can we expand here? (If you have plans for expansions down the line, make sure that your new office space in San Diego will be able to accommodate that)

In the end, we wish you luck with choosing the perfect office space in San Diego

Now, we’ve talked about all the important topics of choosing the best offices in San Diego. However, let us give you a few more pointers. Keep in mind that offices in The Columbia, La Jolla, and North City are usually more expensive to rent. Another costly area is the Downtown. South Park is the part of the city which is often overlooked, yet has great office space for rent. However, these neighborhoods are just a small part of the wonderful city, so feel free to explore more before deciding which office space is the best for you in San Diego. Good luck!

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