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    When it comes to moving, no matter what you do, you are in for a challenge. But, when you are moving your house you are responsible only for yourself. When it comes to office moving, the situation is a little bit different. You need to have in mind your coworkers, your customers, your providers, and everyone else connected to your business. You need to plan and execute office moving in such a way that you don’t lose nor time nor money. And that is not easy to do. Although every move has to go through the same stages, office moving is a bit different. That is why it can seem very daunting, and you might feel overwhelmed. Check out our list and put yourself at ease. We will help yo through this not-so-easy task

    1.Make a plan for your office moving 

    The best way to make sure that you won’t have any problems is to come up with a good and detailed plan. This plan has to be done up to months in advance because it’s no joke moving your business. Even for the smallest stores, if you don’t plan a couple of months ahead, you will be in big trouble. There are many factors you should consider:

    • Your office moving should be coordinated with your supervisors and all of your coworkers
    • You should invest your time into looking for a new, suitable space
    • You should inform all of your providers and partners before the move takes place
    Office moving done right
    Do you know how to do office moving?

    If you are still having doubts, what is that you need to do, we got some more help. Check out this article to learn more about moving heavy items, and this one for the entire office moving checklist. It will provide you with everything you need to know!

    2. Organize your future office before you move in

    It won’t give you anything but a headache if you take things as they come. One of the most important things when it comes to office moving is organizing your new office. There is a ton of offices, desk, receptions, chairs and plants to be transferred. The best thing you can do is get a layout of your new office (with dimensions!) and the organize what goes where. This way you will avoid any confusion on the moving day itself.

    If you are moving to a new and bigger space, which you probably are, make a shopping list of everything you might need. Start from bigger items such as tables and cabinets, and work your way down. Don’t forget to include paper, staples, and pins. You don’t want your first day to start with someone yelling you ran out of paper.

    3. There is no office moving without a good team

    Anyone that has ever worked a day in their life will tell you – there is nothing better than a good team. You won’t be able to conduct any relocation without people that will support you. When it comes to office moving, you already know who your team is going to be.

    Tips for office moving
    Teamwork makes the dreamwork

    Everyone in the firm should take part of the move. The tasks should be assigned not based n hierarchy, but based on skills and experience with moving. Conduct a little survey and ask around. This way you will find out who can be your best asset and how can you use them. Everyone should contribute, in the most useful way possible. Your responsibility is to organize and coordinate. Everyone should know what is their task and the deadline to do it. They should also know who to talk to if there is a problem. That is why you should assign supervisors, and make the whole process easier.

    4. Hire a moving company to help your with your office moving

    There is no way you will be able to conduct a successful office relocation without a moving company. People don’t hire moving companies just so they can save time and money. They are important in order to follow all of the safety protocols and make sure everything is in one piece – both people and furniture! That is why office moving is so different. Instead of having wardrobe and pans, you have huge desks, flat TVs and a whole lot of documentation. Moving companies can make sure that nothing gets lost during relocation.

    But just because you hired someone doesn’t mean you are free from all responsibility. You still need to coordinate everything. It’s your responsibility to pack things and label the boxes. You need to make sure that your IT department updated everything. It is your responsibility whether all the systems will be up and running in your new office. Focus on the most important tasks and delegate the rest.

    5. How to make the relocation of my business even easier?

    One thing you should also have in mind is that you should notify your neighbors, in your old and new space. Office moving is very loud and it can last for days, causing a lot of problems. Don’t get started on the wrong foot and clear the air before you actually move. If there are some babies or children around, schedule a time where no noise will be made and respect that.

    When it comes to office moving the biggest challenge is not to lose business. This is the worst consequence of this decision. The easiest way to avoid that is to follow the steps from our list. If you have a good plan and a good team, you already did everything you need.

    When opening your new office, make sure you do it with a lot of festivities, regardless of what is your industry. After going through a stresful and difficult couple of days, people want to celebrate. Give them a chance! Also, make sure that your clients get the proper treatment as well. Get some balloons, colorful decoration, discounts, and offer treats. Invite people from surrounding offices. this is a great way to begin the next chapter and let go of problems and stress caused by the move.