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    Starting an acting career in a small hometown is everything but easy. And unfortunately, it quite often doesn’t bring any result. On the other hand, big cities offer lots of different opportunities, but the competition is fierce! People who are chasing their acting career are willing to do anything just to get a role. But what about you? Are you ready to fight for your dream job? If someone offers you an audition, would you be ready to relocate for the promise of a role?

    If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Find a few friends to help you move and be on your way to a new and exciting life. If other people can do it, so can you!

    Ask yourself the important questions before you relocate for the promise of a role

    Relocating to one of the best places to kick off your acting career won’t be enough. People who decide to put their hometown in the rearview and chase an acting career are strong-willed and ready to overcome different challenges along the way. This needs to be you if you want to relocate for the promise of a role and be successful.

    You should ask yourself these important questions:

    • Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? – Overcome any fear you have, because now is the time to be confident and determinate.
    • Do you know how to cope with being turned down? – An acting career comes with many ups and downs. Will you be able to handle them all?
    • Will this push your career forward? – Think whether this role will help you in chasing your dream.

    Is it worth it? – There will be times when you’ll have to sacrifice a lot for your career. Relocating and leaving your old life is only one of them, so think whether it’s worth it. Just think of it like this – if people can suddenly decide to move their business to Orlando and similarly up and coming places, you too can decide to take a leap of faith. 

    A question mark on a blackboard.
    Think about whether you’ve got what it takes to become one of the best in your job.

    In the show business, there are no rules

    One of the hardest parts about acting is getting an invitation for an audition. No one can tell you when this will happen or how. Even the most popular actors and actresses in the world can witness this. In fact, if you ever get to the point in life when all you want to do is give up on your acting career, remember how some of the most popular Hollywood stars made it. One day you may find yourself working a 12h shift, while the next day you can get an offer for the lead role in an upcoming movie.

    A bad job can be the starting point of a dream come true job

    Everybody knows about the combination of actors and the side job. These two can’t go without each other, especially during the first few years of acting. However, a lot of popular Hollywood stars can thank their jobs for getting a chance to step into the world of acting. Take for example Harrison Ford, the famous Han Solo.

    For him, entering the show business world wasn’t easy nor quick. This got to the point where Harrison Ford had to learn carpentry in order to make ends meet. He was actually quite good at it but he had never abandoned the idea of him becoming an actor. The legend says that Harrison Ford first met George Lucas while building some cabinets for him. Even though this story isn’t true, carpentry did have a major role in Ford’s life. It’s a great example of what devotion and hard work can do for you.

    Even actors like Ellen Pompeo, the famous doctor in “Grey’s Anatomy”, and Chris Pratt, one of the guardians of the galaxy, had a rough start. Both of them were discovered by a casting director while bartending and waiting tables. For them, the idea of coming to LA from a distant place for the promise of a role was a dream come true.

    A man in a suit holding a card.
    You never know when or where a casting director or a talent agent might pop up.

    Walking down the street might change your life

    If you ask multiple awards winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, her life changed drastically after her vacation in the Big Apple. She was walking down the streets of NYC when a talent agent spotted her. After this, she moved, started modeling, going on numerous auditions, and the rest is history. Jennifer Lawrence is a living proof you can change your whole life for the better when you find the courage to relocate for the promise of a role. Learn from the best!  

    Your success story can begin with a simple argument

    Charlize Theron, an aspiring model, and an Oscar-winning actress is one of the Hollywood stars who had a tough life. At the age of 18, Charlize Theron left South Africa in the search for a better life. One of her options was moving to Los Angeles in a hurry because the job market was hot. But even in the LA she was struggling and had almost no money.

    Probably in the toughest period of her life, someone saw Charlize. She was trying to cash a check and had a solid argument with a bank teller. Fortunately, her outburst attracted a talent agent who was in the same bank. She got his business card and she cashed her check!

    Theater curtains.
    Everyday situations might bring you to your dream come true job.

    A night out with a good twist

    Next time you hear dress for success, think of Ashton Kutcher. You probably didn’t know that when an agent spotted him, Ashton was studying biochemical engineering! One night, he was at the bar where he liked to hang out when an agent approached him. During the next period, Ashton moved, started to model and chase an acting career. Only two years after, Ashton got a leading role on “That 70’s Show”.

    So, should you relocate for the promise of a role?

    As you can see, a recipe for entering a show business world doesn’t exist. So, if you’re wondering whether you should relocate for the promise of a role or not, we say yes! It won’t be easy in the beginning. You’ll have to go through a lot of stress, and not just the stress of packing. But hey, even the best in Hollywood had to struggle at first. So, use their stories to motivate yourself to keep pushing forward and never give up. With the right attitude, set of skills, and a little luck, everything is possible! So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!