Packing for retirement – what do you really need?

So, are you just about ready to start of your golden years of retirement? If you plan things out well enough, this will truly be the most beautiful and relaxing time of your life. But before you set of for your relocation to a retirement home, the question is; what do you truly need to pack with you? And what should you get rid of? All of us accumulate a ton of stuff over the years; so it makes perfect sense that packing for retirement will not be easy. And that’s precisely why we’ve prepared a short guide for you right here!

A Chance for Decluttering

When you’re about to start packing for retirement, one thing is certain; the effort to clean out all of the closets in your household may prove to be a significant one. That’s why we recommend asking friends and family for help. Also, don’t overwork yourself; make sure you take breaks regularly and go over everything slowly.  Additionally, before you begin gathering all the stuff, make sure you buy enough packing materials for moving purposes. The last thing you want is to make multiple tiresome trips to the nearest store.

Once the preparations are done, though, the question is – where do you begin? Seeing as most of us have more clothes than we realistically need, this relocation to a home for the elderly is an ideal opportunity for decluttering. Now’s the best chance to get rid of all of those things which have been out of style for decades, or just don’t fit anymore.

Categorize the Clothes

First, take a room in your home that’s been completely emptied of all furniture; you’ll need plenty of space for this. Then, make sure that you’ve got enough room in there to make three huge piles of clothes. Before you buy moving boxes or specialized bins for your upcoming move, you’ll want to separate all the clothes you own into three simple piles. These will be dubbed discard, donate, and keep. Naturally, you might be unsure about which clothes should go where. In that case, make sure you’ve got a buddy or a family member present for a quick consultation.

Keep Old Favorites

When it comes to packing for retirement, there’s one thing you primarily need to think about – and that’s comfort. In your senior years, being comfortable becomes one of the primary needs every person has. And with that in mind; you should consider bringing the clothes that you’ve become the most attached to over the years. Indeed, there’s no need to get rid of pants, skirts, robes, slippers, etc. that you wear all the time. Instead, pack them into the containers you can get from a company like Capital City Bins, and take them with you to the new retirement home!

An old man with a beard painting.

Retirement is the opportunity to pursue your favorite hobbies!

Bring Washable Items

Once you start planning to relocate away from your family, obviously your life will change immensely. But while you may be sentimental and nostalgic regarding your old life, you’ll find that living in retirement homes brings its own benefits. For example – once you relocate to an organized retirement community, you’ll find many services replacing chores you had to do on your own; or someone from your family had to do for you. More specifically – that means that you won’t need to wash your clothes on your own anymore. But on the other hand, this also means something else – make sure that most of the clothes you bring are machine-washable if you don’t want to wash them by hand.

An elderly man reading a book in the park.

Once you finish packing for retirement, you’ll truly be able to relax!


Sure, the fact that someone else will be doing your laundry for you is definitely a relief; that’s a major chore that most of us hate doing. But on the other hand, you need to have a bit more forethought regarding your clothing, if you don’t want it lost after packing for retirement. For those who want to pack for moving without stress afterward; think about sewing some nametags into all of your clothing. That way, once you relocate to the retirement community, there will be no way your stuff will get lost among all of the other washing. Also, besides your full name, the tag should include the number of your room or house in the community.

Two elderly people reading the newspapers on a bench.

Once you’ve moved to your retirement community, nametags will help with your clothes not getting mixed up!

If you’re not particularly keen on sewing nametags into clothes, there are easier ways to achieve the same effect. Just take a permanent marker, and write the information on the inside of the clothes. This won’t easily wash off, so the information will permanently be visible if someone looks for it after finding your lost clothes.

Clothes For Different Seasons

When you’re packing for retirement, you need to keep something in mind; more often than not, you’ll be facing a more limited amount of closet space in your retirement home. And that means that you may not have enough room to keep all of your clothes for other seasons around all the time. So, take your boots, shoes and similar out-of-season stuff, and place them in storage. Get some transparent containers, and label them in detail. That way, you’ll be able to easily access all of your stuff when you need it.


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