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    Moving from California to New Hampshire comes with lots of things. Because of that, your job is to learn how to prepare for those changes. That’s why when you decide to relocate you need to know some of the best New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home.

    Since you want to leave The Golden State for New Hampshire, you need to know how to find a perfect place there to be your home. So, use as much time as you need to get the city and home that suits you the most. Also, you have to be sure that you are 100% ready to relocate to NH. You see, some of the reasons why are so many people moving out of California are for sure, expensive housing and high costs of living. So, whatever yours is, in NH, you will gain a fresh start.

    Visit a few times NH before you decide to move here.

    When moving to New Hampshire 

    In New Hampshire, there are many great places for Californians. To select the right option, you need to know what you want and how big your budget is. The next process will be to find some specialists to help you out with choosing the home. And the following step will be relocating to NH with someone likeĀ Preferred Movers.

    So, you are not sure where to movehere are some of the best New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home:

    • Nashua
    • Portsmouth
    • Laconia


    Nashua is quite a vibrant and beautiful city in New Hampshire. It is special because it has to offer something for everyone. Apart from being a great choice for job opportunities, you will also enjoy shopping, dining, and other activities.


    The next place you will love is Portsmouth. It is located in Rockingham County, and if you want to move here, you can easily findĀ teams that cover the entire area. Portsmouth has historical charm, it is close to mountains, and it is a friendly-oriented community. This coastal city has many restaurants, events, and it is a great spot for Californians.


    If you want to move somewhere to be close to beaches and parks, you should choose a place named Laconia. This community offers lots of opportunities, especially when it comes to recreating. Apart from that, you will also enjoy events, activities, and other attractions.

    Laconia - Laconia is one of the best New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home.
    Laconia is also one of the best New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home.

    What else should you know about when looking for New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home?

    • Inform yourself well about your future life in New Hampshire.
    • Make sure to find reliable real estate agents and relocating professionals to help you out with the household transition.
    • Learn how to have a stress-free move from CA to NH.
    • Prepare for a new lifestyle after you become a resident of NH.
    • Collect plenty of tips and tricks you can use during the adventure.

    Some other New Hampshire cities where Californians feel at home

    • Amherst
    • Bedford
    • Hollis
    • Durham
    • Hanover
    • Londonderry
    • Madbury
    • Windham
    • Manchester
    • Concord