Simple guide to moving your business to another country

It’s a human nature – we always want it better and business people want it even more so. When an entrepreneur or a CEO decides to move their business to another country, they will not stop until they make it happen. And here we are, you’re thinking about moving your business to another country. That’s no extraordinary move in today’s world, that has long become a global village. Everyone’s getting closer due to new technologies and the same goes for companies. Why not take a chance and choose the best location for your business? Here’s a simple guide to moving your business overseas.

Is moving your business worth it?

You’ve probably jumped out of excitement once the idea of moving your business crossed your mind. It sounds great at first – you’re going to move your business to someplace new where you believe you’ll find better odds for success. But then you start thinking of all the efforts and costs it takes to actually do it. Your excitement shrinks and you start wondering if it’s worth it. When an individual person is planning their move, it gets to be very stressful quite often, let alone moving a business. But while the process is not easy, it’s manageable. Ask for any advice you need, hire professional assistance and moving will go smoothly.

Start with Google though. If you’re moving to Florida, start with something like “get help for Sunshine State move“. If you’re considering Norway, start with something like “pros and cons of moving to Norway”. It won’t take long before you get a clearer picture.

People at work

You’ve made up your mind – it’s time to move your business.

Set your priorities straight

Businesses move all the time due to various reasons, but there are still a common few:
• Entering new markets
• Talent acquisition
• Upgrading facilities
• Better resource access
• Lower operating costs
• Better supply chains
• Stronger investment and networking opportunities.

But don’t try to cover all these reasons at once because you’ll most certainly fail. Set your priorities straight and decide what the most important reason is for you at the moment. The choice of your new location will greatly depend on it.

Choose your location

Once you know what your main reason to move your business is, you’re about to choose your new location. You might be tempted to choose a city you personally like and where you’d love to live. It would be great to move your business to San Diego, wouldn’t it? Well, it may not be the best solution for your business.

Look for a location that’s going to be good for your business instead. Where are you going to be able to best achieve your goals? Are you thinking of moving your business to another country as you need some hard-to-find talents? Then go where they are. Looking for more investments? Then choose a city where such opportunities are thriving. While it would be very nice to move to the location of your dreams, seeing your business failing wouldn’t be nice at all.

Get the permissions you need

When moving as an individual, you need to fulfill a certain set of requirements. When moving your business, it’s can be a bit more completed or a bit easier, depending on the location. Many countries are looking forward to welcoming businesses due to local employment opportunities and tax gains, so sometimes it’s quite easy to acquire all the permissions you need to run your business in that particular location.

If you plan to move your business to the States, it also pretty much depends on the state you choose. It’s not the same if you decide to move to California or to North Carolina, so keep that in mind as well.

Wherever you decide to move, it’s a process and takes time and a lot of paperwork. It depends on a country, so it may even make you change your decision on where to relocate along the way. You might find in the end that your second best choice is actually the one to for when you take into account all the permissions you will need. Do your research and search for advice before you make your move.

Office buildings - Somewhere where moving your business would be a wise choice.

You need to look for a new office now.

Find your new office

The decision has been made and you’re about to move your business to a different country. Now you need to get a new office for your company. And these are the main things to consider:

• The new office location. You’ve chosen the country and maybe the city as well, but you still need to decide where exactly your new office should be located.
• The new space. How much space do you need? Do you plan any future growth?
• Are you going to be building, purchasing or leasing? Which one is going to work best for you?
• The new office design. Will you need an office planner?
• The new office IT infrastructure. Who’s going to be in charge?
• Where will you get your new office equipment and furniture from? Will you need any commercial storage along the way?

Create your relocation plan

Now you need to set things in motion. Get all the info you need first. Check out for reliable info on the subject.

Then move on to creating your relocation plan.

• Decide who’s going to be in charge with the move.
• Set key dates. Most importantly set the final date when the moving process is supposed to be completed.
• Set the budget. Search for advice or professional assistance if you need it.
• Make a detailed office relocation plan. You need to create a customized plan, where you’ll list all the tasks to be done, the people in charge, the deadlines and the budget. If you believe your company could not come up with a proper relocation plan, consider hiring professionals to do so.

Hire a professional moving company

It’s just a matter of the scope of their services you’ll need. But moving your business on your own is a mission impossible. Look for a reliable moving company that offers customized services and will come up with a relocation plan (if you don’t want to try making it) or will follow through if you’ve made your own.

Let everyone know

• Inform your employees. Whether you’re going to ask some of them to relocate and keep working for you or you need to lay off all of them.
• Inform your business partners. Whether you’re going to be still doing business with them or you’ve decided to part your ways.
• Inform your customers and/or clients. You don’t want to burn bridges.
• Update your company website and social media. You don’t want to love your customers and/or clients due to such a silly mistake. And you don’t want to be considered lazy.

Business meeting

Never keep your business partners in the dark.

Moving your business to another country is not a light decision, but can be very beneficial if done right. Avoid the temptation of moving somewhere exotic for the sake of it or to rush anything. Neither of those will help you secure any form of success, on the contrary. So take your time to make the decision that’s in the best interest of your company and follow through.

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